Remember When An Xbox Cost $699.99

Remember when an original Xbox cost $699.99? Check out this old advertisement to see what a terrible deal this really was.

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pat_11_53765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

That's so much money, I'm suprised people we're willing to pay that much at launch. Although people wait in line for hours for new consoles so I probably should expect it.

qface643765d ago

i actually never remember it being 699.99 o.O''

T9X693765d ago

Well it launched in Nov. 2001, and according to this article posted in Jan. 2002, Xbox was only $299

I wouldn't be surprised if someone payed this much for a new console, I mean people where paying $599 for a PS3 and people where buying them on Ebay for over $1,000. Don't remember what the 360 was selling for on Ebay when it first came out though.

Anon19743764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

If you make an adjustment for inflation, that would have put the XBox at $850 today.

That's one expensive bundle when you consider you were just getting a console, two games and a DVD remote.

StanLee3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Never owned an XBox but I don't ever remember it having cost that much.

Edit; just read the article and it seems the ad was for a launch package that included the console, your choice of two games and a peripheral which include a controller, DVD remote or memory card. Still $699 is a bit steep!

hmmmm3764d ago

I don't know if this happened in the US but in Australia, if you bought the console at the launch price you could send away for 2 free games of your chosing and another controller. This was due to it only being on sale for about 1 month before they 'revised' the price of the console.

Beefstew4u3764d ago

The ps3 cost $650 at launch up here in Canada. $750 after tax.
It was a good investment =).

insomnium3764d ago

I remember they cut the price after only a few months of availability here in Europe. They cut it hard too so they gave a free game+controller+dvd-remote or something like that to compensate the early adopters here in Europe.

I love my xbox. Couldn't live without Halo 1 ce, wolfenstein, doom 3 etc. Just recently I started playing Project Zero 2 on it. It really saddens me to see the direction MS took after a wonderfull console like xbox. I don't want to touch a x360 again. Not until they've stopped the production in 5-8 years or so. The blame lies on many things but mostly on MS executives and the poor build quality.

darthv723764d ago

U.S. Launch Prices
1977: Atari 2600 - $199
1982: ColecoVision - $175
1982: Atari 5200 - $269
1985: Nintendo Entertainment System - $199
1986: Atari 7800 - $139
1986: Sega Master System - $199
1989: TurboGrafx-16 - $199
1989: Sega Genesis - $189
1990: SNK NeoGeo - $649
1991: Super Nintendo - $199
1993: 3DO - $699
1993: Atari Jaguar - $249
1995: Sega Saturn - $399
1995: PlayStation - $299
1996: Nintendo 64 - $199
1999: Sega Dreamcast - $199
2000: PlayStation 2 - $299
2001: Nintendo GameCube - $199
2001: Xbox - $299
2005: Xbox 360 - $299 / $399
2006: PlayStation 3 - $499 / $599
2006: Nintendo Wii - $249

And probably THE most expensive console (if you could call it that) ever is/was the Pioneer LaserActive at over $1000. And that didnt even come with a genesis or turbografx game pack. Each of those were several hundred as well.

I have one of these with the genesis pack. It is an awesome laserdisc player above anything else it can do.

xboxlj3764d ago

People were selling the 360's for thousands of $$$ on ebay. I paid $500 for my 360 bundle when it was released. I remember getting several offers from people in the mall up to 3x's the amount that I paid. I did not sell it and unfortunately several months later I go the RROD.

RedDead3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Gamestop + Microsoft = $699

Really though I got mine for €250 back in the day with Halo 2.

it's always tough when you get the ring...

AndrewRyan3764d ago

I do. :P That is why I didn't buy one until the Slims.

RedDead3764d ago

PS3 was €630 over here at lauch.... No way I was buying that one, I got the 80Gb one for €400 with MGS4 though which is a good deal imo

Spydiggity3764d ago

you should know better than to say something that makes complete financial sense about a system that was crafted by the hands of god (apparently). what is wrong with you?

BWS19823763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Agreeing with "financial sense" in this case has nothing to do with objective monetary insight and everything to do with the interpretation of "value". Sarcasm Fail. C'mon, you're really obvious.

But yeah, thanks for the post, troll.

Spydiggity3763d ago

The guy said he waited til the ps3 came down in price before making the purchase and has more disagrees than agrees. where do you think they came from?

you think i'm the troll?

BWS19823763d ago

your content that gave the troll accusation, it was your sly delivery. "Crafted by the hands of God" is textbook 360 lemming talk and I took your comment to indicate you thought $500 is a waste of money for everyone, regardless of his comment.

Perhaps I was overzealous with the label, it's been a long day. I take it back, no hard feelings.

BWS19823763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

HA! ^^^ I'm not allowed to be sorry. Nay, a disagreer is insisting I'm not truly remorseful for my comment. This site is a joke, reminds me why I come on here less.

RedDead3763d ago

Just ignore the agrees/disagree's. Most of them are from Fanboys. People who understand you will responed. Peopl ewho can take a joke will laugh and might responed. Just forget the other idiots

Spydiggity3763d ago

doesn't it seem a little odd that you are complaining about the exact same thing you were criticizing me for complaining about? i have nothing against you, i just think it's fitting that you are getting the same treatment now. i agree though, the n4g community is a joke. gamers, for the most part, are no better than the people that love garbage like twilight.

BWS19823763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I previously wasn't even speaking to your agrees/disagrees, Spy. My critique of you was a misguided attack on what "appeared" as Sony bashing. I was directly addressing what I "saw" in your comment at the time I read it, so I guess I don't see what you mean by "fitting" but I'm glad we're cool now. I regret a post, but someone disagrees with my own sentiments. That's symbolic of the dysfunction on this site (and in this world)...As I said, no hard feelings.

Sometimes I put faith in the agrees/disagrees, sometimes it's just a fairy floating by with a total void of rationale. It's a glaring sign of the mismanagement of this site, really. It's overrun by such tools.

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Baka-akaB3764d ago

well i remember local stores trying to con folks with import japanese ps2 and dreamcast at 800-1000$ too at their launch ..

avengers19783764d ago

I remeber SNES games retailing for 80 bucks too, doesn't mean we need to see that again.
60 is a perfect price for games, and 300 to 450 is a good price for consoles.
Understanding that everyone wants to make money, if the PS3 didn't have such a high launch price who knows where the sales would be today, but IMO they would be at least 10 million higher. I really can't say I remember the orginal xbox costing that much though.

George Sears3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Oops double post. Stupid thing didn't refresh so I thought my comment didn't register.

George Sears3764d ago

I still find 60 bucks too steep. 40 is a perfect fit IMO and even then I would think twice. Last game o bought at launch was MGS4 LE and that was because money wasn't afactor for me in that time. (not as much responsibilitie as I have now)

AmazingBrian3764d ago

Those were the good days when there were good single player games. Look at that list, there is only like 1 or 2 FPS games. Now that Live is in the picture, there are not too many games that arent fps.

lightningsax3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I remember a very bundle-crazy scene in the games marketplace back then. It was hard to find a console that wasn't in some expensive and unneccessary bundle. I'd argue that Gamestop had more power back then, they could almost restrict the market to force you to buy expensive and unneeded crap.

But seriously, let's keep the fanboy stuff away from Xbox Classic. That system brought us Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon Orta, and Gunvalkyrie. In other news, Sega was awesome back in the day. The console was a great addition to already owning a PS2.

tacosRcool3764d ago

When I lived overseas at the BX they had advertised Xboxs for $500. Thats another reason why I got a PS2, on top of some awesome games!

kwicksandz3764d ago

Pretty sure this is an aussie advert.

The ps3 launched at $1000 AU here. A DS3 is still $85AU on sale

$85AU = $82US hows that for currency conversion eh sony?

pat_11_53764d ago

It's Canadian actually.

spunnups3764d ago

That's insane, I don't know how you guys afford to game as a hobby, DS3's here in the U.S. are about $45 or so on Amazon.

insomnium3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

PS3 was 699€ here @ launch. Games are 69.95€ here. Those prices convert according to todays conversion rate as ~ $900 and ~ $90. I bought the console from here but I always order games online.

btw DS3 is 50€ here which is ~ $65.

n4f3764d ago

i remember when the xbox AND ps2 were that high if i still got the newspaper i will upload it. there was even a new about how they cut the price cause it was too high here in canada.
i feel sorry for those who bought it in this price range

MikeGdaGod3764d ago

December 10, 2006 i bought the last PS3 in a Target. console + extra controller + 3 games + extended warranty (which i later used to my advantage) + tax = $1000+....and i was more than happy to drop it

...ahhh memories....

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jack who3765d ago

no i dont remember got mine for way less then that

huzzaahh3764d ago

If you had read the article, you wouldn't look like a fool for posting your comment.

Otheros003765d ago

When you add all the cost up it wouldn't even be close to $699.

pat_11_53765d ago

I think it was because it was a launch deal, I'm not really sure. This was back in 2001 I believe.

theonlylolking3764d ago

So what that is a crazy price.

PRHB HYBRiiD3765d ago

for $60 bucks with like 10 games in my school but that was in 2004

MultiConsoleGamer3765d ago

Bundles are always a rip-off but that's not the worst price I've seen.