Gizmo gives you a hands on…err hands OFF exclusive to the upcoming Xbox 360 Kinect!

Gizmo gives you a hands on…err hands OFF xclusive to the upcoming Xbox 360 Kinect! This new technology on the Xbox 360 raises the bar for gaming, it removes the controllers and makes you the controller! No more batteries, cords, or recharging, the Kinect sensor captures your entire body movement and will change how you play games forever! Check out our full review of the Kinect with interviews from people who experienced it for the first time.

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Pedobear Rocks3339d ago

sounds like a PR release.

And by the way...removing the controller was done by the PS Eye...maybe not with the same fidelity but this isn't really a 'bar raising' technology imo.

Fishy Fingers3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Isnt that a contradiction? If it does what the competition does but with, in your words, more fidelity, then it rasied the bar.

Much like Move took inspiration from the Wii and improved upon it, Kinect took inspiration from PSEye and improved upon it.

Pedobear Rocks3339d ago

raising the bar is introducing a new technology...not just incrementally improving on existing.

For instance the Wii did do that with they remote and the MOVE is an incremental improvement...again I would say they are not raising the bar either.

Montoya3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

The Move is much more precise than the Wiimote. I`ll say it again someone is gonna make a Move/PS3 exclusive Fantasy RPG that will be one of the best games ever made. Some thing heavy on the violence w/ Sword,Sheild and Spells, along w/ the 1:1 it would be nothing short of epic. Watch.

edit: BTW, I love this little arguement/debate you guys are having. LOL.

Fishy Fingers3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Raising the bar generally means "raising the standard/setting a higher standard".

New technology, sets the bar, the whole point of the saying is you've improved upon, or raised, a current measure, or bar, to a new level.

Edit: Disagrees, perhaps you could inform me of the correct meaning of the term then.

Montoya, that's what the comment sections are for, debate :)

Raikiri3339d ago

Raising the bar means Improving on something thats a fact and that can't be an opinion.

Like Fable 3 is improved upon Fable 2

and Playstation Move Improved upon the Wii
Its not really the same its better

Kinect is improved upon PSeye again its not really the same its better.

Fishy Fingers3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Cheers, but you'll probably suffer the same fate as me, disagrees with no responce, what we should of wrote is...

Kinect is the failz and PSeye rip-off, Move is the awesomez and revolutionary.

Dont remind people that they used to claim motion control sucked before their system of choice announced one and now they're the future, never remark that not a single PS fan prefers Kinect, or 360 fan prefers Move. Funny that.

Take the agrees and run :)

alphakennybody3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

how does running at half the fps that of the PSeye an improvement?

Pedobear Rocks3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I thought I had responded if you were speaking of me.

I just don't see Kinect OR Move as 'raising the bar'...both are mere evolutions of existing tech and dont bring new or unique gameplay to the consumer. I know we are disagreeing as to what constitutes a 'raised' bar here but I think we can agree that both Kinect and Move are derivative technologies which do nothing to bring new gameplay to us.

Edit added as I'm out of bubbles...response to Fishy below...

Well we agree on that...not picking either up for at least a year to see if 3rd party support is sustained..(shocker but yes I have a PS3 and 360 (2 360s actually)) Cheers.

Raikiri3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Ask me that when it can keep that FPS rate with a RGB, Infrared and an VGA Camera ow and it also needs to SEE you in 3D with all those camera's

''@ pedo
I disagree, move brings us precision to motion gamming that in it self is new while kinect has yet to prove itself.''

thats an improvement,
geez are you really that blind?

alphakennybody3339d ago

I disagree, move brings us precision to motion gamming that in it self is new while kinect has yet to prove itself.

Fishy Fingers3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree then. Because I see evolution as all but the same as raising the bar.

I also can see (not in current software) how both Move and Kinect will bring new forms of gameplay, through the ability to track in a 3D space. I'm no game developer so I'm not sure how these new gameplay techniques will work or how they'll be used but I'm sure they will come.

I'm not actually interesting in owning either right now, becasue of the poor software line-ups and also similar reasons to what you said, as of now they're not bringing anything really new. But the technology in either allows scope for that to change, so who knows how I'll (or you'll) feel about them in a year or two.

Oh and it's 4.20am, I've been at work for 12 hours and I'm probably just talking s*** :)

alphakennybody3339d ago

The move can do about everything that kinect can, yet with less and not even half its price. I don't see the body flying all over the place like the recent tech demo of kinect.

no I'm not blind,tell me where I can find another motion controller as precise as move then

TronEOL3339d ago

Eh, Sony had a motion controller that tracked a wand since earlier than 2001.

If you look at it logically, Sony seems to be releasing a promising piece of hardware rather than releasing a half-assed version first (look at Wii, then the need for Wii MotionPlus). I'm sure they learned their mistake from PSEye back on PS2.

Xbox360 was in the same boat as Wii except with being the first (sub)HD Console to release. Microsoft didn't invent that direction like most websites, or "journalists", seem to think. It was VERY clear that was the next step for gaming. The Xbox360 was just released first, that's all. And it shows.

Now with motion gaming, Sony put their beast to sleep, and now we have Playstation Move. Which honestly seems to beat out the competitors renditions in how precise it can be. It's always been a fact that gaming NEEDS controllers (Keyboard/Mouse count here), and it will (and should) always be that way. This is why PSEye failed, and Kinect WILL fail.

If anyone sees anything in Kinect, you must honestly be fooling yourself to think it's going anywhere.

PS. I'll always favor gamepads or KB/M for gaming. As most gamers should.

kaveti66163338d ago

"I just don't see Kinect OR Move as 'raising the bar'...both are mere evolutions of existing tech and dont bring new or unique gameplay to the consumer."

Yeah, that's called "raising the bar." New types of technology creates new "bars."

But improving upon existing tech raises bars.

Triella3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )


"Ask me that when it can keep that FPS rate with a RGB, Infrared and an VGA Camera ow and it also needs to SEE you in 3D with all those camera's

You're delusional if you think MS is the first one to use the Z-Cam other compnies have used it to play games and navigate a menu, and all that at 60fps.

Take for example Gesturetek which is licencing the software MS is currently using with Kinect, They've been developping it for ten years but have always done it with a top notch selfmade z-cam which can track at 60fps or higher rate (not an half-assed camera stripped down from it's internal processor and with CMOS only capable of tracking at 30fps, purposedly downgraded by MS for the sole reason to cut corners).

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Hallmark Moment3339d ago ShowReplies(3)
Pedobear Rocks3339d ago

I didn't say it wasn't more precise...I noted they are evalutions of existing tech. I guess I dont see a more precise gameplay as being new and unique (and bar raising) gameplay. Anyway...out of bubbles...sorry if anyone's panties are in a knot.

JokesOnYou3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

It's funny if they show a short trailer to spark interest, their accused of trying to trick the consumer by not showing gameplay...then they show booths with people playing launch games, lots of gameplay and their reactions which leads to the inevitable "meh its a PR release", lol because its impossible for these average everyday folks who I'm not sure but probably aren't n4g members to enjoy kinect. riiight.

I can understand if you any gamer just isn't feeling the whole motion vibe, you hate kinect and move, but anyone who celebrates move like its some sort innovation beyond what wii does, while bashing kinect constantly is just a laughable sonyfanboy that I just can't take seriously for 1 second. Kinect and move launch lineup is filled with casual pick up n play shovelware, but thats doesn't mean that there isn't something there that appeals to other non-traditional gamers, it just looks like kinect might be a little more popular with casuals than move, which may sell 1 or 2 more 360's and that of course is sonyfanboys worst fear= kinect haters.

I'm just hoping somewhere down the line they'll be something kinect offers other than menu navigation that I can get interested in.


lowcarb3338d ago

"I'm just hoping somewhere down the line they'll be something kinect offers other than menu navigation that I can get interested in."

The few games announced at TGS all sound extremely interesting. Soon MS is going to go out on a mission trying to prove the Kinect core experience.

Dread3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

well said joke!

BrutallyBlunt3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Well said my friend, well said.

I purchased Move and I really like it. Sure the games aren't all that great for it but they will come. Just like the games for Kinect. In fact it may even take longer for Kinect since it's a whole new approach for game creators. Move is an advancement on the Wii and that has been out for almost 4 years now. Developers now must try and re-create body experiences without the need for a controller. That's alien to them right now.

I also read articles on Move too and how lighting can hurt it and I have not had an issue yet, day or night time. The internet is like a cancer, they see something or read something and it spreads like wildfire and gets totally blown out of proportion. What was the first response in this video? He said "it's better than I thought it would be". So what does that tell you?

So now it's up to Microsoft to get more of these demo stations out there for all of us to try, because quite frankly that is how they will have to sell this thing. It needs a hands on (whoops, i mean hands off) experience. Watching videos and trying to determine the lag is not how to go about it. Yes the games so far look very casual, but that will change over time. The XBOX already caters to the more hardcore crowd, Microsoft is interested in expanding that while not neglecting it's current userbase. This is being treated as a whole new launch and catering to the casual gamer will take a whole new approach.

BattleAxe3338d ago

Gizmo sits down errr...stands up with Kinect

3338d ago
ozps33338d ago

Good to see the Micro$oft PR industry in full swing awwww the smell of the green back and the sight of $ sign in the eyes mmmmm. It has been going strong since 2006 when the PS3 released. Remember all the articles ??

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wat6343339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

With the amount of ads and publicity kinect is getting, its going to sell, no matter what you guys think.

Besides, Kinect is the future.

@Below - Of course it is, but tomorrow never comes.

Montoya3339d ago

Tomorrow is the future.

Otheros003339d ago

If it's the future, I hope it's a extremely short one.
Also the connect4 is better than kinect. reason: the connect4 is the fourth version of kinect. Don't believe me look it up on youtube.

niceguywii603339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Based on your trolling Natal articles looking at your history I'm guessing you're saying that because it will seal PS3's fate. Several of your last comments are PS3 fanboy troll comments that are desperate and frustrated.

No one cares what you think GTFO doesn't make any sense. Do you think people are stupid? You don't want Kinect yet you must track and troll the articles? LOL you hate Kinect will offer the industry something new causing increased consumer appeal which in the end will hurt Sony greatly.

LMAO You hate Kinect and have no interest in it but you can't resist tracking it giving your worthless opinions lol

All_4_One3339d ago

" will seal PS3's fate."

Roonie3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I lol'ed!!!

wat6343339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

@top comments - Hopefully it will, so playstation will become obsolete this generation.

jneul3338d ago

you will be crying when you find out kinect is even worse than a wiimote....
meanwhile us lot will be enjoying out super precise move with hardcore and casual games, enjoy you 1 month of MS cash in's
also I tried kinect it may have improved form 2d to 3d, but just about everything the original eyetoy did is far worse on kinect, it's a horrible experience, and the only thing which is better is the graphics as x360 >> ps2.
ps3, super precise move & mind blowing graphics = the future

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westy5523338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Sorry ill just have to put that in the little black book. Oh god can someone pick me off the ground im laughing to hard. ROFL.

How does this wat634 bloke still have bubbles, surely everyone can see he has fallen out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

kaveti66163338d ago

I can tell the reason why you want PS3 to become obsolete is because you're not willing to pay more money to support another console.

There's no shame in being poor, but please stop being a total dick just because you chose the 360 and now can't afford the PS3.

I am also poor, but I managed to get a PS3 as well. Just because you can't afford something doesn't mean you can't appreciate it, and if you do the math, you'll find that owning a 360 is much more costly.

AceofStaves3338d ago

Kinect's not the future for me, since I'm disabled, and I actually prefer gaming tech I can actually use to something that's been hyped like gaming's Second Coming.

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Montoya3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

To tell you the truth, none of it really look fun. Even the stupid little mini games.

Children Of Eden is the only game that even looks remotely interesting and not interesting enough to buy MSs overpriced PSeye. Plus, Kinect should be retailing for 59.99 MAX, not $149-$159 or whatever it is.


I could find you footage of people saying Naughty Bear is the best game ever...Shamwow.

Bigpappy3339d ago

If you listened to the interviews, you would have realized that it does not have to look fun to be fun. When people play it, they seem to like Kinect enough to want to buy it.

jack_burt0n3339d ago

@pappy did you submit this?

Moonboots3339d ago

"and not interesting enough to buy MSs overpriced PSeye. "

Well, sounds like you made your mind up. Then I guess there is no need to hit every Kinect article and tell everyone how much you hate it?

Or is there??? lol

BrutallyBlunt3338d ago

$60 max, seriously? The PSEye sells for $40 and it's technically terrible by todays standards. I have Move and the image it captures is grainy and it does not rotate, it's stationary. Kinect captures you in 3D and follows a whole bunch of parts of your body. The camera also moves around as you do, which may mean we won't have to constantly calibrate it like Move needs to. How many Move games go into split-screen automatically when another member walks in to play?

Two different products.

BrianG3339d ago

I love how he plays a few mins of volleyball and says "definitely better than Wii and Playstation Move". haha. I dont know, some people have strong opinions I guess.

But it looks like its performing pretty good.

Moonboots3339d ago

They were not able to get hands on with it? Even I've been able to try it and I just stumbled upon it while shopping with my girl.

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