Sega on Valkyria Chronicles III’s localization, Dreamcast PSN releases and more

Sega’s Aaron Webber answers fan questions about the possibility of localizing Valkyria Chronicles III, future Dreamcast releases on the Playstation Network and more.

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Blaster_Master3338d ago

LOL. Wow, when are current gen devs gonna realize that we dont wanna play games with limited hardware and sub HD graphics? Unless its mario, it doesn't belong on the Wii or handhelds period.

BTW, im really glad they plan on releasing more games like Skies of Arcadia in the future. If it wasn't coming they would have said no, but they didn't. So now its confirmed. Seriously though, with the lack of good rpgs' this gen, having Skies of Arcadia in HD on the ps3 would keep me happy enough to last till Skies 2 on the ps4. Please make it happen Sega,, I would heart you so much.

STK0263338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

maybe, just maybe, they are releasing VC2 and VC3 on the PSP because the PSP has sold twice as much as the PS3 or the X360 worldwide and has much lower development costs than current gen console games, which can usually result in a significantly bigger profit. It is also worth noting that Sony has finally been able to slow down piracy on the PSP, which should result with better overall software sales on the platform.

I also believe you are being a tad too harsh with the handheld market, considering it has over the last few years produced some of the better games to come out, like VC2, MGS:PW, KH:BBS, Dissidia, the professor Layton series and DQ9 to name a few. And considering that both the 3DS and the PSP2 will likely feature subHD graphics (considering it is unlikely either of them will feature a 720p screen or have the option for a video out with 720p), does that mean people don't want these?

I'd say that VC2 is a great game, I would have preferred a PS3 game, but it being on the PSP doesn't make it a lesser game in any way.

radphil3337d ago

"I'd say that VC2 is a great game, I would have preferred a PS3 game, but it being on the PSP doesn't make it a lesser game in any way."

It's a fun game, but good lord at it's repetitive resources. The missions are either one of these few(not naming all modes), that aren't story btw:

-Capture all points
-Kill all enemies

Thing is, in comparison to VC1, it's a downgrade more or less, but that's a given when you have a game from console to handheld.

It's just that with Sega, and a lot of these companies, profit for them does not always equal to a good thing for the consumer.

Yi-Long3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

... Sega's is letting the possibility of a VC3 getting an english release in the west depend upon the commercial succes as well as the DLC success...

For me, the english dub plus the DLC-milking was a huge reason to pirate the game instead, so I can now enjoy an 'undub' version, with japanese voices and english text.

Sega needs to get as clue as what their potential customers actually want, which certainly isn't a forced upon localisation (forced dub instead of the original language) nor DLC-milking!

MANY of the Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) fans are also anime/manga fans and bought it for the distinctive excellent visuals (we need to get that 400+ page artbook released in the west ASAP!), as well as it actually being a fantastic game ofcourse, and that crowd mostly doesn't like it when it's dub-only!

Redempteur3338d ago

VC2 is fun ... play it NOW.

just because it's on PS shouldn't mean anything if you like the genre or the franchise

bangoskank3337d ago

Not buying a PSP. Bring on the PS3 version.

Gue13338d ago

I always wanted to play Skies of Arcadia, I really hope they make a re-release for PSN someday. And I agree, I love Valkyria Chronicles but I don't like handhelds and I don't care. As much as I loved the first game I'm not buying a PSP for the sequels... Sorry.

Vegeta90003338d ago

And Shenmue 3 as a PS3 exclusive.

imoutofthecontest3338d ago

I don't care if it's "exclusive" or not, just Shenmue 3 coming out would be so awesome.

Neckbear3338d ago

Why would it be PS3 exclusive?

In fact, I'm sure alot of old Dreamcast owners now have an Xbox 360.

The smartest choice there would be to make it multiplatform, silly.

squallheart3338d ago

You know for some reason i beg to differ. I believe that most Dreamcast owners are on Wii or Ps3. Why do i say that? Simple, Dreamcast was known for its variety of games and niche titles to this extent ps3 follows the same game plan. I know i was a big fan of DC and only own that system and ps2. I believe sega tried their hand at supporting xbox and failed. Look at how shenmue did on the the xbox. If it wasnt for segas mistake of releasing that title on a shooter dominating platform we would have had Shenmue 3 by now. I dont know why they didnt release it on the playstation :/.

Btw for some reason i believe a lot of the 360 owners werent even around for the Dreamcast, and if there is some i doubt they would care about shenmue. Only way to find out is how crazy taxi and sonic sell.

Neckbear3338d ago

"Don't want this to become another Sakura Wars? Buy the damn game, then."

Oh believe me, SEGA. I would have if I had a PSP...

frjoethesecond3338d ago

Give the bitching a rest and buy the damn psp ffs!!!!

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Ps_alm3k3338d ago

putting v1 v2 v3 on blu ray disc!! and make it playable on ps3??

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