GameSpot: Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution Review

GameSpot writes: "Since its release almost a year ago, Borderlands has rolled out three robust downloadable content packs to tempt players back into the addictive cycle of shooting, looting, and leveling up. The fourth such pack has now arrived, starring one of the most eccentric and memorable characters on Pandora. Claptrap's New Robot Revolution sends the runty automaton on an amusing one-wheeled trip down megalomania lane, resulting in some entertaining propaganda and a few good one-liners. Yet the humor, much like the action, hits the same note for most of this substantial adventure. Many of the environments you visit and enemies you encounter also strike a familiar chord, though there are some good touches, and the core mechanics are still inherently satisfying. Claptrap's New Robot Revolution may lack the spark of its downloadable predecessors, but there is more than enough enjoyable action to keep interested mercenaries occupied for hours".

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astar1234567893333d ago

i downloaded it and it f-up my lvl 54 roland so i have to start back a lvl 1 WTF!!!!!!!!