Minecraft earned $350,000 in a single day

Minecraft earned in upwards of $350,000 in revenue last Wednesday alone.

Via m00d: For just over a month now I have been logging Minecraft sales data, the following is that data charted in many fantastical ways. As you can see, there are multiple points where a spike in sales was seen, the most notable are the TF2 blog plug and the Machinima directors (SeaNanners etc) videos that have driven many sales. For information on each point rollover and it will give you the date and exact figure, dates are formatted! Any references made to time are GMT.

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drewboy7042944d ago

Is it possible Seananners had something to do with this. His Minecraft videos have easily over a hundred thousand views some near 500,000. He definitely introduced many gamers to this game.

mrmcygan2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Actually i think it was davidr64yt, he has been doing a series of Minecraft videos on youtube for a while now, Seananners got the idea to do it from him.

drewboy7042944d ago

Still I think he's ever so slightly more popular than david. I think that was the first episode Seananners referenced him.

evrfighter2941d ago

one man just silenced an entire idustry that believed extreme production costs were the future of gaming.

I've been saying this for a long long time already. The pc crowd was humbled after crysis. Graphics are not everything.

Gameplay > ALL

this one dev just pocketed more cash than any dev at Infinity Ward or Bungie. Possibly Valve and Blizzard also.

FishCake9T42943d ago

Yeah Seananners has done alot to promote this game.

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lucifon2942d ago

I don't think it's any one guy. Pretty much every gaming media site out there is talking about it! It's like an internet gaming wide phenomenon at the moment, and rightly so.

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mrmcygan2944d ago


that is true, i'm pretty sure seananners has some kind of record for subscribers in the video gaming category

Kewl_Kat2942d ago

iobuffa (also from youtube) got me thinking about this game. then seannaners posted his own minecraft video, after that i was hooked. most of my games are for the ps3, only pc games i've bought are bad company 2 and minecraft!

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