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The combat is great and the boss battles are quite memorable, but it degenerates when those core ideas clash--when Castlevania ignores what it does so well (action) for the sake of creating a more diverse experience. The problem is that diversity ultimately adds nothing notable except for shallow adventure elements and frustration. It's a good start for a series in need of some new blood--so to speak--it's just unfortunate so much of it comes from other games and not an original source.

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deadreckoning6662941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Can't wait to play it :) Does anyone know when the demo will be out for us non-PS+ having regular folk?

"Gamespot is full of it!!
I guess they cant handle the fact that we may have a game as good ( or better ) then God of War so they have to give it a average score."

IMO the score is irrelavent. I'm only here cause I wanted to watch some more gameplay for LoS. Whether it got higher or lower than GOW3 doesn't matter to me. If you are truly interested in this game..then a numerical score from a random person you don't know shouldn't matter to you.

Edward-Kraken2941d ago

A 7.5 from Gamespot wont stop me from buying this game.

deafwing2941d ago

at least playing at the demo at tgs ;)

StanLee2941d ago

See, that's the thing, I've played the game and I don't understand why it's getting such good reviews. I can't understand why this is a good game and Dante's Inferno was mediocre. 7.5 is right in line with what I would give the title.

tinybigman2941d ago

have you played the game start to finish? i'm still getting this because im a huge castlevania fan and have loved them since the NES days.

Downtown boogey2941d ago

Take the review as a suggestion, not as a deterrence.

ExplosionSauce2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

The game is recommended, but not to Castlevania fans because none of the elements that you would expect from a Castlevania game are not present in this game.

So being a fan has nothing to do with it. I'm a fan too, but I'm not gonna buy a game that is nothing like Castlevania just because of the title.

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tjc20092941d ago

yeah screw all the reviews this is a day one buy and it has been for over a year since i first saw the first trailer

Downtown boogey2941d ago

That doesn't mean everyone should ignore the reviews. They're very helpful.

Imperator2941d ago

I get what they're saying though. The game does borrow tremendously from PlayStation exclusives such as GOW and SotC. Still, I'll probably buy it. I love these types of games.

raztad2941d ago

I think this is a very down to earth review. Just forget for a minute the score and watch the review itself. It is very positive overall.

Game looks very solid and worth the investment,

joydestroy2941d ago

demo is out tomorrow for non-PS+ Euro kids.

ABizzel12941d ago

So basically they pulled another Ratchet and Clank with this one.

A lot of hack and slash have come out this year and this seems to be among the top.

divideby02941d ago

after playing the demo I liked HS better.
please its not as good as GOW

Denethor_II2941d ago

Yeah I'll be buying this game, but I wouldn't say it's better than GOW.

number472941d ago

Good to see everyone gets it.

Reviews mean nothing.

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2941d ago
tjc20092941d ago

I guess they cant handle the fact that we may have a game as good ( or better ) then God of War so they have to give it a average score.

GiantJedi2941d ago

I won't lie the new game looks pretty boss but it's definatly not better than GoW

Gamehead362941d ago

better than god of war? come on now don't get ahead of yourself

Shadow0172941d ago

Will remain king of hack n slash. I don't mind playing this game though considering it's taking from the best gow3/sotc.

tplarkin72941d ago

I thought the Church excommunicated developers that use fixed cameras. They are an abomination!

peowpeow2941d ago

Definitely? More likely than not, but wait until we play :)

LiquifiedArt2940d ago

The game is no where near as good as GOW, nor are the production values as high. Nor is the gameplay as refined. Nor the story as good. This explains the rating of a 7.5.

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Neckbear2941d ago

VERY interesting, in fact. Although I feared this- since a while games have been giving you HINTS on how solving puzzles- it actually irritates me quite a little, since they defeat the purpose of said puzzle.

It seems like, as any other game, this one isn't perfect. Even so, it looks pretty good.

Ahasverus2941d ago

But you can exange experience for the "auto-solution" so i don't know how that's a point of criticism...


Now you use too much diversion instead of the classic too much variety. You know what GS? I want diversion in my games. I dont want to spend 20 hours hacking and slashing without doing anything more... no matter how fun it may be. Thats why todays games add variety, diversion and other things to do. It seems that its always a bad excuse for you GS!!


Jinxstar2941d ago

Do you mean "diversity"? Not trying to be a smart ass but wanting diversion kinda doesn't make sense...

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