Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike Spotted Writes: "Earlier today, Infinity Ward's Creative Strategist Robert "FourZeroTwo" Bowling was spotted playing something very odd, Spare No One\nCosmodrom. Yes, I typed that correctly. After further investigation from Travis Gardner (LoudMouthedGamers) and I, we have discovered that this is an internal beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops."

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Kamikaze83037d ago

I guess Microsoft didnt want a repeat of what happened with Reach. Made this a prepaid code, not even available through 99,999 Microsoft Points.

wat6343037d ago

They finally found a way to keep hackers a bay for now.

T9X693037d ago

Not really, Halo Reach was on the XBL marketplace on and hackers where able to download it without a prepaid code. So I can see the same thing happening to this.

wat6343037d ago

I believe you can only unlock this with a prepaid code, not with microsoft points.

muddy94943037d ago

Luckily, the link is not included. It is much harder to find it on the Marketplace. I will not disclose the link just to protect the beta.

T9X693037d ago

Halo Reach was set at 99999 MS points, but even if you had enough you was required a prepaid code to download it anyway. They downloaded the Halo Reach file from the servers and converted it to an ISO file to burn to a disc, so I'm sure they can do the same thing with this. I can't say for sure though, because I'm not a hacker.

crackerjack73733037d ago

fuckin stealth clown gets to play black ops before i do

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