Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood PS3 Beta: Kill Video and Verdict

OXCGN writes:

"It’s that time of year again, ladies and gens: beta testing.

"September is usually when the last wave of betas are released in an effort to cram some user feedback in before the November release.

"The culprit in today’s spotlight is none other than Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

"After extensive time with the beta, I’m here today to tell the doubters that they can now rest easy, for the multiplayer in AC:B lives up to the series’ name and is not merely a tacked-on addition to the game."

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XboxOZ3603535d ago

Ahh, you can't beat a good killing-spree in multiplayer, if that's your bag. Biut it does seem a great deal more subversive than the usual multiplayer gun-fests that populate all multiplayer games these days.

Great vid, and good rundown on the beta.

Proeliator3535d ago

Thanks a lot!

It is quite an interesting take on the multiplayer experience. Unique and innovative are definitely the terms to be used here; I've never seen anything quite like it.

It takes me back to the old days of Splinter Cell's Spies versus Mercs...

Saladfax3535d ago

It's a very similar mechanic to the multiplayer in the Source game "The Ship."

Though I suspect that very few people have played it, and AC:B's multi looks much more interesting. The mechanic of everyone out to kill someone is not new, but it arguably fits best in this.

Das_Bastardion3535d ago

The superior version will be the one on the PS3

Cheers! now give me those hidden blades!!

gaminoz3535d ago

Seriously, do you think it'll be that different???

BadCircuit3535d ago

Give it up, differences in the two consoles are too small for one version to be superior.

XboxOZ3603535d ago

Jeessezz, now if we were the type of fanboy you are, we wouldn't even bothered giving away the PS3 only beta keys like we did, and had a huge number of non-sony fanboys enter btw, and we would have waited until the X360 version became available.

Trust some silly fanboy to make some stupid cooment.

Chuk53535d ago

those kills look brutal.

gaminoz3535d ago

Love the kill video! Looks like a lot of fun

XboxOZ3603535d ago

Wasn't to sure about the icons above ppl''s heads, would be a dead giveaway I suppose? Unless they only come on when you get close to someone, and it indicates friend or foe?

But I do prefer this type of multiplayer experience to the other simple shoot or be shot type of gameplay.

The twists in this make it much more older-style Splinter Cell-ish.

Proeliator3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

That's the kicker, mate: you never know who is friend or foe!

XboxOZ3603535d ago

me neither - but this looks actually inviting, prefer something where some stealth comes into play, rather than how big your gun is . . . just hope it doesn't get filled with rooms full of screaming memes . . .

gaminoz3535d ago

YES! Enough just making an online experience that is for the quick shots and yay for making something different for a change!

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The story is too old to be commented.