The most hated man in gaming

Bobby Kotick has been upsetting gamers again, but is gaming's least loved executive really the devil incarnate - or is he just doing his job too well?

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wat6342946d ago

Dong his job too well, the mans a business man for christ sake.

Genesis52946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Well if his job is to completely destroy his companies reputation, alienate gamers and piss off other developers and publishers. Then he is doing a good job.

Only I'm not to sure it's good for business. Personally I think he should just leave the planet.

Elwenil2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

A business like Activision is a balance between keeping customers happy and satisfied and keeping investors happy and satisfied. Kotick is simply tipping the scales too far toward the investors but so far he has gotten away with it because the majority of gamers are willing to support his company regardless of what he says or does or are completely unaware. If you don't like his business practices, you must vote with your money and take your business elsewhere. They can't survive without customers but will continue to milk the industry for as long as the customers tolerate it.

deadreckoning6662946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Genesis, I don't think you understand that 90% of the people who play Activision games don't know who Bobby Kotick is. The only people hes alienating are the diehard games(minority) who spend a considerable amount of time on gaming news sites like this one.

He is a businessman and businessmen are in the business of making money. He has the biggest(and getting bigger) multiplatform franchise this generation in his pocket, I doubt that a half a million dramatic gamers on the Internet who call him "evil" will make him any less successful.

CobraKai2946d ago

Unfortunately this is true. But I feel better knowing that he ain't getting one cent from me.

Eamon2945d ago

He's never gotten a penny off me. I bought COD4 preowned and borrowed COD2 and MW2 off my mate.

dredgewalker2945d ago


There are always two ways on how a business earns money. They either cheat their customers or give them exactly what their money's worth. We have our own business and we always try to satisfy our customers first because we get their "loyalty" which is much better than a quick buck. In saying this, Activision has lost mine and I don't think they'll be getting my money anymore.

ozps32945d ago

A turd is a turd, is a turd, is a turd. And he is 1 big mighty smelly turd. I will be buying Medal of Honour. Fu(k the turd that will be cod bo, COD 4 was the best COD.

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gamerzBEreal172946d ago

*Reads title looks at pic* pauses.... *LAUGHS ASS OFF* xD

Snakefist302945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

He is bussiness man huh no Bussiness man Talk shit abut other companies.Look at Bill gates,Steve Jobs and other bussiness men they dont shit abut other companies like bobby kotick.Kotick is a DICK!!!

JsonHenry2945d ago

When the company stops making money hand over fist this guy will be the first one the shareholders kick out. Until then this guy is golden. At least from a business standpoint.

I personally as a consumer can't stand the prick.

Ares84PS32945d ago


That is THE most important thing in business.

Bobby Kotick isn't doing that, that is why tons of gamers aren't buying games from Activision.

RageAgainstTheMShine2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

i thought it was Aaron Greenberg

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GSpartan7772946d ago

There must be something he does right for Activition to still be alive till this day.

PooEgg2945d ago

These types generally have signed contracts that promise to pay them a lot of money in severance. It could be cheaper to lose a few pissed off gamers then to fire him. Plus saying you won't buy anymore of their games and actually sticking to it are two different things. I think these companies know that and so just making the threat won't matter, it is only when sales start dropping that they will start considering the cause until then Bobby can do what he wants.

Moonboots2946d ago

When I come to these gaming news sites it seems this industry and just about everything about it involves hating..

So I can see why this guy is doing so well financially.

MGRogue20172945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

He may be a dick.. but he is a dick who is wealthy & gets by in this world we live in..

4cough2945d ago

Hmmm this guy is sh!t at his job.

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