Pro Evo 2008: No Real Changes From Pro Evo 6

With the news earlier breaking from those who've had hands-on time with both versions of the game looking better on the Xbox 360 - unsurprisingly - yet another blow to the fans. Apparently, the game feels more like a tweaked version of its predecessor with the response time improved and some sharper textures here and there. Overall, the Pro Evo Journalists seem rather disappointed with Konami's latest iteration of the franchise.

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sonarus4166d ago

Thats so much BS i have played pro evo for the 360 and its garbage and it the new version looks better by a noticable margin. These guys have no credibility am gonna wait for professional impressions

Meus Renaissance4166d ago

The visual difference comes from the details on the faces but the character models and crowd, plus stadia, are all identical. In fact there hasn't been any change in that regard - however the grass textures have been improved. Other than that, its really not the level of change that you'd expect in a game Konami were working on for almost 2 years by release - especially as they themselves were disappointed with Pro Evo 6.

Pro Evo 2008 isn't bad, don't get me wrong but from the footages we've seen its no really a leap of difference between the two, as we've seen with Madden for example.

ALI-G4166d ago

while all my frind prefer the ps2 version for been more fun , i found the 360 version far more superior and relastic in term of game play

this year i am going with FIFA08 360 AND PRO IN PS3

ineedaname4166d ago

when you play pro evo on 360? bready...we dont believe you, you need more people

radzy4166d ago

not much of a difference from the previous pro evo on the 360 they say, i wonder why the ps3 version is a wopping 18gig.maybe the metal gear solid 4 team needed all the help they can get.they probably borrowed the pro evo team to help finish mgs4 in time . we all suffer. damn hard to develop for ps3.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4166d ago

That sucks, maybe it's just a rehashed port from last years game on 360.

Oh well, I'm a FIFA person anyway. I have FIFA 06 and 07. And it's been confirmed FIFA 08 60FPS on PS3. So it's cool.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4166d ago

In the earlier post, they wrote the game looked better on XBOX 360 and it became a huge flame war. Now they are saying the game just sucks, and nobody cares.

Why? Because nobody really cares about this game, they just care about what version looks better.

predator4166d ago

i care about this game and so do most British and Europeans as football is the biggest sport over here, prob best in world and we like our footy games so i want pro evo to be bloody good

Andronix4166d ago

Its not just in the UK and Europe, football is massive in the South American countries. Argentina, Mexico etc.

Thats why I love the Football World cup... Its one big world with so many different kinds of people- but they all come together to play in a sport that unites nations on a world stage.

Once every 4 years? - Absolutely worth the wait!

Geewhizz4166d ago

here here predator!

(even if i hate ur avatar!!! lol!!)

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