Nomura Shares a Few Final Fantasy Versus XIII Bits at Twitter

Andriasang: Tetsua Nomura got into one of those moods earlier today and made a few posts about Final Fantasy Versus XIII at The 3rd Birthday Twitter.

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DaTruth2969d ago

He needs to share a release date!

Fishy Fingers2969d ago

I'd settle for some footage.

Shang-Long2969d ago

wow...i have never looked forward to january be4

Mastodon2969d ago

Meh, I'd settle for someone telling me that he's not just making Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy or Hironobu Sakaguchi... Perferably the latter...

Blaster_Master2969d ago

I still dont get why it has to be FF13 versus? Its freaking stupid, and all it does is tarnish its own name to be in the same universe as that turd FF13.

XANDEO2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Should just call it Final Fantasy 15 imo it sounds/looks like it could turn out that way, proberly sell more copies aswell.

Apotheosize2969d ago

I think they dont want to go too far into the numbers. For instance in the next generation we could have Final Fantasy 23

that sounds horrible

maxcer2969d ago

lol you dumb fanboy, he was FFXIII's main character designer you know.

RedDead2966d ago

Character design was alright in FFXIII

But it doesn't change the fact that the game was beyond horrible

Eamon2969d ago

It was announced to be in the same universe as FF13 ages before FF13 even came out.

They can't just change the name now.

RedDead2966d ago

Sure they can, Resident evil did it with 3(where code veronica is the true RE 3)

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2969d ago
-X-2969d ago

"Yesterday, we had meetings about three sections -- maps, events and battles. For the map section, I checked the problem areas that had been fixed. THE STAFF HAD GONE BEYOND THE REQUESTS AND FILLED THEM WITH PLAYFUL ELEMENTS. I put in orders for additional areas as well."

yay what a great team!!!! :D
can't wait for this game!

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The story is too old to be commented.