IGN: Contrarian Corner: Mafia II

IGN writes: "I often wonder about my skepticism when I write about videogames. I have been surprised by many fewer games in the last several years than I was in the less diverse but more experimental years at the beginning of the decade. In hindsight, that era was a incubator teeming with ideas that created Seaman, Frequency, Dark Cloud, Rez, Killer7, and Katamari Damacy (a list that hardly even gets started). In contrast, the last several years have felt like a trudge through iterative design, compensating for the dearth of new ideas with lavish visuals and swollen multiplayer packages. This is not the total truth, of course. There are now more viable platforms than ever for a creative designer to make something new. In many ways that entropic creativity has diffused across Flash, Facebook, iPhone, and downloadable games where it once was funneled mainly into three consoles".

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