Paramount: No Recall on Existing Blu-ray Titles, But Supplies Won't Be Replenished

Blu-ray fans, get 'em while they're hot: Paramount/DreamWorks has confirmed that they will discontinue production on all past Blu-ray catalog after current retail supplies are depleted.

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thereapersson4166d ago

They can spin the issue all they want, but when it comes down to all seriousness, the REAL reason they switched sides is because of money. It's not like they weren't enjoying the larger market share that Blu-Ray offered.

Ri0tSquad4166d ago

we all know this is why but they will be back =]

cuco334166d ago

i mean it IS blu that is under investigation in europe for shady dealings to get the current studio support. i applaud HD DVD and paramount for this news and it's cool they are allowing current BD movies to sell out. it's an obvious choice if you aren't a sony fanboy that what is better for the consumer is HD DVD for the following reasons

1. bluray still have not finalized their specs yet.
2. stand alone sales are negligible compared to ps3 which seems to be the player of choice
3. stand alone BR players are so expensive no one's buying them and maybe it's because those who research see that they don't want to own an obsoleted BR stand alone soon as BR's ver 1.1 specs come out. sorry, can't upgrade the firmware either
4. cheaper players and cheaper media means the consumer wins in the HD movie format

oh and if you think i am pro HD DVD, i am not. i am neutral and was a hige ps and bluray fanboy but the BDA group need to get their heads out their asses cuz they are SERIOUSLY dropping the ball

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Fighter4166d ago

Sorry about the noob mistake. I submitted my own tip which looks weird on top. This is my first.

Violater4166d ago

Let the dust have them.

Longcry4166d ago

Paramount switch to the wrong side because of $150 million. Blu-Ray is out selling HD DVD. I don't own any HD DVD player at all. I got a Playstation 3 already why would I even need a HD DVD. Plus Blu-Ray have more contents.

Charlie26884166d ago

I wonder what will Paramount say after the deal is over?
"our SUPER DUPER market research was not THAT good so....blu ray for everyone XD" -Paramount 2009

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The story is too old to be commented.