Halo Reach-ing: Searching For Answers in Halo’s Scrambled Canon |

In this article at, BurningStickMan reveals the inconsistencies between the official Eric Nylund / Bungie collaborative Halo novel "Halo: The Fall of Reach" and the newly released Halo Reach.

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coolbeans2940d ago

Those are quite noteworthy issues. Hopefully Bungie can get the official story stamped out. It's tough not to find continuity issues when it comes to blockbusters in their repective mediums (Star Wars, Trek, etc.). There's definatly some questions to be raised if you look at the checklist.

NewsForMe2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Halo: Reach has some canon issues that need to be addressed, but this article has many more.

ZombieNinjaPanda2938d ago

I think it has these issues just because of the fact that it's a video game. A game that spanned one single day would be awkward to work out.

rogimusprime2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Not really, if they can convince the masses that a SEASON of 24 occurs in real time, a day isn't that bad. Dead rising tried it as well. I'm sure there are others.

Your point is correct though. It's a damn video game. Who cares if the cannon doesn't line up. All of Nylunds books are great - first strike, ghost of onyx, and the fall of reach. Bungies games are great too.

I had plenty of "huh?" moments. especially with cortana being a forerunner construct that they just met, but seems pretty acquainted with keys at the start of halo 1 (yes i know she learns fast). What about the 8 mile warthog chase on the top of the autumn in CE? the ship didn't look THAT big in reach. Or what about the NUKES??? They've been at war for HOW long and their nukes are conveniently unavailable on their most prized colony?

The point is...just play your damn games and read your books and be happy.

Spydiggity2938d ago

if a game wants to stand on it's story, then stuff like this is not excusable.

as much as i love reach, if I HAVE to choose between reach's story and nylund's, i'd definitely choose nylund's. the fall of reach was a great read.

hmmmm2938d ago

Cortana isn't a forerunner construct. If you play the level again you'll see that she is inside the hollow tube studying the sphere like object, which is the forerunner AI.

Don't worry, thats exactly what i was thinking first time i played through until i watched that cutscene again.

mikeh09182938d ago

is only a piece of cortana, she was split into two. Part is with chief, the other part is there. Explained in halseys journal that was written by nylund.

rogimusprime2938d ago

mikeh0918 for clearing that up. I have the limited edition but i haven't had time to read any of halseys busy fragging in firefight. I'll have to read up on the split cortana stuff. I remember her being able to "clone" herself in First Strike though...


I just meant it seemed like the forerunners built her. I know she was inside the tube.

m232938d ago

I didn't read the whole journal yet, I too am busy with the multiplayer. I guess there is some good info in the journal, should get to it.

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BorisTI2938d ago

I've never liked the argument that "it's a video game". Great stories can be told in games. The fact they chose to abandon preconceived for the sake of making new games is separate from the fact it's a game.

noxeven2938d ago

propaganda, thats how you explain, you fight a war you lie. everything is true or none of it, its up to you to decide.

dragonelite2938d ago

Quit a lot got explained in the journal like your not transporting cortana but a copy of her with the forerunner data core.