NowGamer: Hydrophobia Review

NowGamer writes: "Hydrophobia’s been a long time coming. When Dark Energy Digital, a small, Manchester-based developer that began life as an offshoot of Blade Interactive, the tried-and-true developer of the yearly updates of World Championship Snooker, announced it was working on a fully featured action title, it was easy to slightly raise an eyebrow. Audacious independent products seem hardly to have a chance in an era of gaming effectively ruled by two or three super-publishers, but Dark Energy remained incredulous; it had the technology, it said, and it had the talent".

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n to the b3336d ago

I had my doubts but this review convinced me to give hydrophobia a whirl, thanks to (finally!) some talented writing.

"Keep an eye on Dark Energy, won’t you? This is a developer that’s going places."

indeed. not only that but I'll be keeping an eye on you, Mr. Sr. Staff Writer of AND I just might go ahead and take the contributor plunge, so I can help make sure more of the good stuff gets approved.