Disgaea 4 Is Everything 3 Should've Been

Gaming Union: "Recently at the Tokyo Game Show Nippon Ichi Software was proud to announce Disgaea 4, the latest instalment in their popular franchise and another hopeful step for the company to get back on the financial track. It's been no secret that the company has seen some hard times lately, much of which was due to some poor planning on their part, and while the footage for Disgaea 4 is pretty convincing that doesn't mean that NIS doesn't have a lot of work on their hands to convince customers this game is something new."

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mephman2944d ago

I really hope Disgaea 4 lives up to expectation. 3 was good, but it wasn't enough of an advancement.

Neckbear2944d ago

As far as it goes, it's been getting great reception and I, as well, feel like this is truly an advancement to HD.

In other words, this looks great.

JDouglasGU2944d ago

may have to check out this series soon, heard a lot of good things.

Neckbear2944d ago

For one, HD sprites.

Balance, alot of new features, I truly feel hyped for this one.

Sanrin2944d ago

I share your excitement!

jmmurillo862944d ago

No, it is less than it should be. I want 3D cell-shaded characters, detailed scenarios and good special fx.

HelghastKid2944d ago

Im going crazy for a new rpg! went to buy Atelier Rorona from Walmart today and they didnt have it :/

mephman2944d ago

Well, that sucks :s

Hopefully they'll get it in soon?

HelghastKid2944d ago

nope according to, my store isnt selling it and i have to get it online :/ If only Amazon had launch day delivery i wouldnt have to use crappy ass walmart lol