Guybrush Threepwood becomes unlockable skin for SW: TFU2

GamerZines writes:

Assuring fans that it isn't a wind up, Lucasarts have revealed that they have included a rather unique unlockable skin within their upcoming release, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.

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e-p-ayeaH3340d ago

Lamest skin i ever seen but quite funny for 15 secs...

ChineseDemocracy3340d ago

I'm selling these fine leather jackets...

Lucreto3340d ago

I could never get into Star Wars, (I think it must be how dated it looks now.) I am more of a Star Trek fan. But I might get this game just for Guybrush Threepwood.

STONEY43340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

All I can say is... LOL. Wonder if he'll have a bit of voice-over chatter during gameplay too.

Pumbli3340d ago

Haha, this is hilarious.

I guess I'll have to play through TFU2 two times then.

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The story is too old to be commented.