OXCGN’s Hydrophobia Review: Welcome To Your Watery Grave


"I had been looking forward to this game from the moment I saw the Queen Of The World in Sydney Harbour with the Sydney Opera House in the background.

Yes, a rendered shot of course, but the sheer size of the Queen Of The World and the story really lit a fire in me more than most other games on offer at the time, and still. While I do like a good shooter, I’m also a great fan of the early Remedy Games Max Payne series.

They offered quite an interesting puzzle-set within the games that basically wasn’t one of the ‘follow-the-arrows’ style of games. Hydrophobia is very similar to those game styles. So you won’t find big arrows or a compass to guide you around by the nose to the next objective, and depending on what you do, the objective may need to be dealt with in a different fashion than first thought."

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BadCircuit3338d ago

I am glad to see a review of a game that I don't know about. I always see reviews on the big games but I don't see many for the ones that aren't hyped up.

gaminoz3338d ago

I'm glad smaller devs can get their games on XBLA instead of having to dump them like so many have!

This one looks much more interesting that I first thought actually.

Belgavion3338d ago

Although I'm sure it's very good and worth the purchase price, I have a bad feeling this is going to be overlooked due to everyone playing Reach. Super Meat Boy will probably garner stronger sales