Explosionade: ex-Insomniac dev’s $1 dollar game out next week

From the developer of Shoot 1up and award winning Weapon of Choice comes Explosionade from Mommy’s Best Games. The game features the silky-smooth hand drawn art and animation you’ve come to expect along with destructible environments, challenge room gameplay, 2-player coop, and leader boards. They don’t make games like Mommy used to make em.

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DasBunker2967d ago

looks like a flash game

e-p-ayeaH2967d ago

I gotta disagree with you cause Flash games dont have such great art design

AndrewE2967d ago

even though art is subjective. i would have to agree with e-p-ayeaH

e-p-ayeaH2967d ago

for 80 MS points is a great deal!!!

sad i dont see games like this on PSN

darthv722967d ago

you cant test drive a mini like you can an indie.

In fact, I really wish sony would do something about that. There would prob be more psn games I'd buy if there were more trials available.

divideby02966d ago

e..... why make a stupid comment like that... we know why... always gotta be a fanboy

corneliuscrust2967d ago

I'm not diggin it, looks like it plays better than weapon of choice... but that's not saying much

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