G4: NBA 2K11 Vs. NBA Elite 11 Demo Discussion

G4 writes: "NBA 2K11 or NBA Elite 11? It's an age-old question that will soon have to be answered by scores of basketball-loving gamers. (Actually, it will have to be decided a bit later than previously thought now that NBA Elite 11 has been delayed.) Right now, it's hard for me to decide which one I should pick up because both games say that they have dynamic shot controls, higher visual models, and improved dribbling controls. But does that really matter? I still have fun playing Konami's Double Dribble on the NES."

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NYC_Gamer3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Elite has those same ugly character designs... and the new control system just makes the gameplay worse....nothing changed besides the name

jack who3342d ago

theres nothin to discuss nba elite been push too 2011 due to how crap the demo was

mikeslemonade3342d ago

NBA 2k12 needs to steal the controls from NBA elite. The controls in Elite are better if you disagree you're just too stubborn to learn a more advanced control scheme.

Bigpappy3342d ago

Elite is annoying to play.

KiLLUMiNATi_893341d ago

This an insult to NBA 2k for real...

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