EA, where is my National Team? (Fifa 2011)

Over the years, the national team of my country, Paraguay, was improving worldwide. Until this year for the first time in our history we reached the quarter-finals, and position in the top eight teams in the world. We eliminated Spain, reigning world champion in a difficult match 1 to 0.

This year more than ever wanted to play virtual football with my beloved selection.This year, buy FIFA2011 and surprise: Paraguay is not available to play.

What the hell EA? Someone could explain as FIFA2010 Paraguay was present, and now at their best, they come to eliminate the national team game in my country?. He was also on the Fifa 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, etc.

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tony67674013d ago

really no paraguay ? damn

Red_Orange_Juice4013d ago

I'm suprised my national team is the game, and not Paraguay :P

ProjectVulcan4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

This is EA we are talking about here. Maybe they will just remove only the home national side for each different individual country the game is sold in, then offer that team as premium DLC.

It hasnt happened yet. I guess i shouldnt give them ideas.

jozbaldwin4013d ago

holy shit!!!, you shouldn't write down in public places that kind of ideas specially now that online costs 10$ if you buy second hand games, i pray to god that people like kotick dont read your post.


Upbeat4013d ago

paraguay didnt beat spain, sure spain onto win it

Apocwhen4012d ago

It's probably just a dodgy google translation. Half of N4G articles these days seem to use them for news stories.

I'm sure it's meant to read as:

'We were eliminated by Spain, the reigning world champions in a difficult match 1 - 0'

Dogfingers4013d ago

I supported them during the World Cup despite being English. It's a sad day for the 'guay.

jozbaldwin4013d ago

this is really sad news, best performance ever of the team in the world cup and no recognition at all from the game. it was looking bad already when "el tata" (paraguay's DT) didnt appear in fifa world cup south afrika game

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Ares84PS34013d ago

They should include every country who has a national football team anyways. If I want to play with my own country I would like that choice.

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The story is too old to be commented.