Dead Rising 2: The Secret Epilogue “Overtime” Mission

Without spoiling anything, Dead Rising 2 offers a secret epilogue mission that gives gamers a chance to see what happens to the father & daughter in Fortune City.

*The following content may contain spoilers*

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easto1a2946d ago

another game with a 'secret' ending

mprunty2946d ago

Intriguing addition to tack on to the end of the game.

ShadyDevil2946d ago

Man this game is amazing. Cant wait to get the secret ending myself. Dont want to spoil anything though.

Rrobba2946d ago

The co-op in this game is going to be awesome!

Sneak-Out2946d ago

this game is just awesome ... never i had so much fun with a game ... especially the weapon combos are the best

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