Import Guitar Hero: Metallica To Warriors Of Rock Free For Limited Time

TGH Writes: "Good news Guitar Hero fans! Those of you who picked up Warriors Of Rock will be able to transfer the track list from Guitar Hero Metallica for a limited time! What’s better than free right?"

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GodsHand4515d ago

I think it should be free to begin with, you already paid for the previous GH game, and if you want to just get GH:WoR, you could always rent the previous game, before the offer expires. On a realted note, why don't they offer the prevoius GH games the same option. That was one of the reasons I stopped after GH:III, for the lack of adding the songs to a new version, or vise versa. Just because it does not support the extra peripherals does not mean I would not played them, as the game is called Guitar Hero.