Shacknews: Child of Eden Hands-on Preview

Shacknews writes: "A decade ago, Q? Entertainment founder Tetsuya Mizuguchi led the team that produced Rez. Its inscrutable combination of shooting action, driving electronica music, and vividly imagined cyberscapes held an almost primitive appeal for those with whom it clicked. Though there was no sequel, only the remake Rez HD for XBLA, Rez finally gets a true spiritual successor in the upcoming Child of Eden. At a special event held during TGS, I got a chance to play this new experience, both with a controller and with Microsoft's Kinect motion controller peripheral".

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Bigpappy3336d ago

This guy seems to enjoy the immersivenes of Kinect over the accuracy of the controller.

Thats 4 to 2 Kinect.