EA Sports MMA Demo Impressions (RunDLC)

It would appear that EA Sports would love nothing more (aside from finishing NBA Elite 11) than to knockout THQ and its popular UFC series with its own fighting game, the aptly titled EA Sports MMA. For months, we’ve seen screens and watched impressive videos of the game in action. Now the demo’s available on Xbox Live now and PlayStation Network this evening, and while it has some question marks, the publisher could be on its way to octagonal supremacy. Or at the very least, make its rival extremely nervous.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Buff10443340d ago

Plenty of punches to go around in this one. Not sure if I dig it or not.

GuruStarr783340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

My only gripe so far is that there does not seem to be enough controller force feedback when you one-hit flash knockout's kind of underwhelming.

Focker4203340d ago

I haven't been able to flash knockout anyone, who were you using??

Trunkz Jr3340d ago

I've never bought any UFC games yet, but I do play the demos. I really thought and was hoping for this MMA to be great, and it actually turned out to be pretty bad.

I had to switch my controls to classic so I can punch like UFC controls, I did NOT like using their R to do punches, it felt so dumb and didn't even feel good when I connected. I do like their ground system, it felt easier to use then UFC's, but thats probably cause I never fully got into the UFC ground controls, so noobs like myself, yeah its easy.

I had it on easy and went 3 rounds of just fully dominating the guy, I tried as hard as I could to knock his block off like I could in UFC 2010 demo, NOPE! No matter how many kicks to the head I did, he just kept on tickin, even if I got his stamina to red and nothing then did it, nope. I didn't like that at all, I liked in UFC 2010 that either myself or my opponent could go down at any time so you had to be a little careful.

Another downer for myself was no commentary, not even a random guy, you only hear the ref or the announcer and thats all, in UFC 2010 I liked hearing the commentary at the start and even during, it felt more like the show.

Since I still had the UFC 2010 demo still on my PS3, I loaded it up (BTW you know when you look at some games before you play, and it shows a picture and some have songs? MMA had no song, i know this is no big deal but really now even UFC 2010 had it - small things do count. The menus in UFC 2010 were even better.

I'm seriously disappointed by MMA, and I seriously wanted it to beat UFC 2010 and perhaps give myself enough to buy it. This isn't even close call like Medal of Honor trying to catch Call of Duty, MMA is still WAY behind UFC 2010.

T9X693340d ago

Not sure if this means anything, but take this from someone who got UFC 09, and 10 at the midnight launches. The demos for UFC are WAY better than the actually game (09 was better than 10 though). I was so damn disappointed with 2010, and just by playing the MMA demo, I can tell you, it does a lot of things UFC fans wanted fixed in the UFC game. I do agree with some of your complaints and I have my own little things as well, but I actually found MMA more enjoyable besides the lack of Flash KO's. The controls where the biggest thing, I myself had to switch because I'm like WTF is this, I can't do shit lol.

Focker4203340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

I was confused by MMA's controls at first but its extremely easy once you get used to them.

I was very happy with the demo. I thought the animations were all great and the gameplay was very in-depth. I agree about the lack of commentators, I knew something was missing.

BTW it felt like this takes alot more skill than UFC.

Krimmson3340d ago

I haven't played the demo yet (Red Ring and Yellow Light has plagued my systems) but I do know that there will be commentary in the actual game.

TheDeadMetalhead3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

You got Red Ring and Yellow Light At the same time?

Might want to reconsider your setup if they both overheated.

MMFGaming3340d ago

1.) Definitely agree --the classic controls are so much better.

2.) I was able to get a TKO in 30 seconds using Overeem and just spamming knees from the clinch and kicking Lashley in the dome. As Mayhem Miller, though, it's alot easier to force a submission. Then again, keep in mind that Jake Shields and Mayhem Miller really aren't renowned for their KO power. In fact, Jake Shields is kind of infamous for having pillow fists.

3.) Audio commentary by Shamrock and Gus Johnson will be in the game. Was removed from the demo for some odd reason.

I'm cautiously optimistic. Still worth an experimental purchase IMO. 'Course, now I'll have to create all the UFC fighters. Cro Cop, Gomi, Penn, etc. etc. etc.

Trunkz Jr3340d ago

Why would they remove commentary from the demo :S

GuruStarr783340d ago

I used the right analog stick with a kontrol freek analog stick ad-on on. The analog stick fighting always works better....I know there's some people out there who disagree, which is why EA made it available as DLC on the last fight night (the button controls, that is).

But if you want the most accurate and fast paced stand up fighting in this game, you should learn to play with the analog stick, it makes it realistic too.

T9X693340d ago

I got use to using the analog sticks, but I was never as successful as I am with using the buttons. Instead of flicking the stick to do certain hooks or upper cuts, I would rather hold back or forwards on the stick and hit X ( Square) or Y (Triangle). I think it's because I got so use to UFC 2009 that when I played FNR4 I was expecting similar controls.

Trunkz Jr3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Why would they remove commentary from the demo :S

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