Unreal Engine To Power Devil May Cry Reboot

In a recent posting on Ninja Theory’s public forum, community manager ninja, Dominic Matthews revealed that the new retelling of their Devil May Cry will be powered by the Unreal Engine.

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Prcko2941d ago

I wanna see that in ACTION!!!

Sev2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Me too.

I'd be 100% against the Unreal Engine if it weren't for Arkham Asylum. That showed me an Unreal Engine game that isn't made by Epic can be great.

number472941d ago

AA had amazing characters, and amazing sets. But as soon as you got outside, it turned into unreal-itus...

Should work well for DMC. Hopefully they can learn from Rocksteady how to code.

STICKzophrenic2941d ago

Bioshock and Mass Effect franchises say hi.

MrMccormo2941d ago

I hope it turns out well. Unreal Engine has both its high points and its low points.

R_aVe_N2941d ago

If you haven't both of those have very dark atmospheres as well. I want the UE3 to show me something more than that. I know it can, but I have worked with it personally, but for some reason it doesn't work that well.

STICKzophrenic2941d ago

"If you haven't both of those have very dark atmospheres as well. I want the UE3 to show me something more than that. I know it can, but I have worked with it personally, but for some reason it doesn't work that well."

Bioshock yes, but both games look awesome.

Mass Effect, no. Mass Effect is set in some really awesome and varying environments. Virmire comes to mind as being pretty bright.

Active Reload2941d ago

Another idiot that doesn't know fuck all about engines.

mike90772941d ago

Yea arkham asylum has probably gotta b the best looking game from the unreal engine

Sarcasm2941d ago

Well that pretty much means it's not going to pass any graphical benchmarks.

They need to prioritize responsive controls though, which is sorely lacking in Enslaved.

UltraNova2940d ago

In my opinion the problem with Unreal En. 3 is not that it is a bad multi-platform engine its just that its so overused to the point where it got boring and stale...

For me when ever I see an Unreal engine game it looks almost the same be it Bioshock, AA or Mass effect. Everything looks like its has Vaseline smeared on it..

Again for a multi-platform engine is holding up pretty good, but i wouldn't use it as an engine in a major franchise reboot, I would go with a new engine to go along the 'reboot' notion aka something new..

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raztad2941d ago

So DMC 30fps confirmed?

erathaol2941d ago

Also confirms Xbox 360 as the lead platform, while devs will try to say they are building both with equal care, CAPCOM doesn't have the best PS3 optimized games record.


Christopher2941d ago

UE on the PS3 alone has had issues from competent developers. It's most likely going to lead on 360 like Capcom's other games, which means we're likely to experience lower resolution and washed out graphics on the PS3 as well as more tearing and worse framerate.

lolzers2941d ago

Wait, most games on console are at most 30fps aren't they?

raztad2941d ago


DMC always has been 60fps even back in the PS2 days. It is a very fast paced game, so framerate has to be 60 in order to be smooth.

SuperM2941d ago

Well Ninja Theory has alot of PS3 experience, so they really should be able to make it good on the PS3. Id be surprised if not.

lolzers2941d ago

So if a game is 30 fps it isn't fast paced? UC2 was pretty fast paced sometimes wasn't it? You're confusing me now raztard, if a game is 30 fps does that mean it's a bad thing?

Information Minister2941d ago

All previous DMC games rendered at 60fps. Ninja Gaiden and Bayonetta are also 60fps, because it's considered the ideal frame rate for very fast games that require quick reflexes and low input lag. Even GoWIII renders with 60fps as the target and 45fps as average.

And it's not just that. That specific frame rate is now a part of the franchise's indentity and gameplay.

This news just adds to my scepticism towards this new entry in the series.

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LukaX232941d ago

What makes a reboot, a reboot? DMC4 came out not too long ago. It's certainly not new, but it's not that old either...

Either way, the Unreal Engine is great, a bit overused, but great nonetheless.

erathaol2941d ago

After seeing the video again, he seems kind of nerfed and his hair is just a tad bit white. This game could just be a look into Dante's rebellious youth with him finally going through puberty at the end and looking more like the Dante we know.

karl2941d ago

thats all i hope from this game..

if this is more like a DMC prequel than a reboot .. even if they call it that way

i might accept it

Rrobba2941d ago

Me too, gameplay speaks best.

FACTUAL evidence2941d ago

ugh......I mean...I dunno...I just want the old DMC back.

TVippy2941d ago

They officially buried it.

cyberwaffles2941d ago


when i think unreal engine, i think shooters. how could i possibly relate that to DMC?

then again, batman was pretty awesome except for the plasticky-looking models.

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doctorstrange2941d ago

The Unreal Engine is getting on a bit, but the screens look pretty good

Otheros002941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Unreal engine 3 sucks! And overused.

OdinX2941d ago

They honestly shouldn't have done crap to DMC; I actually want this one to bomb in sales to show Capcom that just because you "appeal" to western gaming doesn't mean it's the best option. :/

karl2941d ago

yeah... i really wanted to know what happened to Nero and Dante after DMC4

there were many unanswered questions .. and well.. now i cant forget getting them

eggbert2941d ago

everything won't look like its made of rubber?

Taggart4512941d ago

After seeing Enslaved, I really Ninja Theory really has the Unreal Engine nailed down. I'm cautiously optimistic for this.

Fishy Fingers2941d ago

Yup, they've pulled of great looks and gameplay (smooth, nice animations) with Enslaved across both platforms while having their own style.

There is a misconception that all UE3 games look the same, they dont have too.

Seijoru2941d ago

Screen tearing was terrible, 30fps in what should be a 60fps game, etc. Fuck NT.

Fishy Fingers2941d ago

I didnt find the screen tearing any worse than I've seen from many other games using different engines and there's nothing to say UE3 cant run at 60fps for DMC.

I personally am reasonably impressed by what they've done using UE3 for the first time and on both systems. Hopefully they'll improve upon that with DMC, of course I'd like V-sync and 60FPS, but I'll also wait until I see the game before I write it off.