Eurogamer: Quantum Theory Review

Eurogamer writes: "Is it possible to copyright a game mechanic? Many have tried. At the dawn of videogame time, Magnavox sued Atari for copying its rudimentary tennis game to create Pong. More recently, social game developer Zynga, creator of FarmVille, sued rival Playdom for allegedly stealing the 'Zynga Playbook', a document outlining valuable concepts, techniques and best practices for developing successful online games. While the first case was settled out of court and the second continues today, as yet unresolved, the line between inspiration and plagiarism is a fine one, yet to be legally clarified with regard to videogames".

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FACTUAL evidence2940d ago

This is why Sony let it go MP. Sony didn't want to ruin their uuber exclusive reputation with Quantum Theory.

cyberwaffles2939d ago

yeah, sony knows when to let loose the leash for once-exclusive titles to invest in more worthy ones.

edhe2939d ago

*cough* Lair.. Haze *cough*

There are as many duff exclusives as there are good ones.

andron2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Had some hopes for this, but it seems this game isn't too hot. They should have made something more original instead of ripping off GeoW badly...

dizzleK2940d ago

It sucks now because it isn't a ps3 exclusive anymore. Had they kept it exclusive it would have been a good game. Derp derp.

Eamon2940d ago

*is thinking of a witty response for you*

StanRaimondi2940d ago

No this has nothin to do with exclusive a bad game is a bad game no matter what system its on. Yes sony has a lot of good games a lot. but they also have some that are bad.

RedPawn2940d ago

I'm gonna have to go with Stan, some of you better wake up out of that exclusive land, that has forever borders.

This game looked like pure trash when it was first shown.

The best part of QT came out in the 80's, it was a movie call KRULL.

NYC_Gamer2940d ago

the game is just pure garbage rather its exclusive or not....

edhe2939d ago

It doesn't surprise me people took your comment seriously.

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Joni-Ice2940d ago

Now maybe more people will buy this horrible game. I wonder how much money they will loose on this game.

RubMyTaco2940d ago

Terrible, terrible game

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