Its a-me! Motion War: Kinect and Move Face the Wii?

Game Podunker Carlituser writes "The big Three have discovered a gold mine, a gold mine that does not require to please custumers with creative stories and graphics but instead it requires just to put a famous name whether is a person, place, TV show, movie etc on the cover and forget about the rest. And why miss that chance? it requires less work, cheaper production cost and a higher revenue. Anyone would be considered crazy not wanting to get into that market..."

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number472941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Kinect doesn't offer any games, and can't do Wii-Rip offs as well. Move's a total Wii copy, and should appeal to those interested in that type of gameplay. I doubt they will, since Nintendo owners are like Apple folks. They live & breathe nintendo... Move is a good option for the PS3. And will cater to the minority of wii folks moving / growing up. It also will work hand in hand with the exclusive reasons to own the ps3, the exclusives.

Until Kinect shows that it can actually rip-off wii games, play hardcore games, or .. work.., Its not competition for the others.

Microsoft will sell a boat load of Kinects initially, but theres no software to enjoy it with. I have no doubt Microsoft will sell ketchup popsicles to casuals with white gloves, but whats that saying when you look at it from a game/entertainment standpoint. Kinect is a gigantic lie, but with enough advertising.. it will definitely sell. Saying that, MS could also sell an empty cardboard box as long as it was advertised with Lady gaga and an old man crying to REM music.

Go Microsoft!

ChickeyCantor2940d ago

". I doubt they will, since Nintendo owners are like Apple folks. They live & breathe nintendo... "

In my experience Nintendo folks are actually open to sh/tloads of games even those on other systems.

Apple folks are just from hell don't compare.

AuToFiRE2940d ago

it looks like a wii knock off, but as soon as you actually try it, its nothing like the wii, at all.

2940d ago