Destructoid Review: Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

Destructoid writes: "I can see how you might get the impression that it's great. The concept has tremendous potential. And I'm not opposed to the idea of paying for a good boss rush mode, even if that consists of characters which previously only existed in optional content that players may not have bought into, creating the potential risk that they may be somewhat unfamiliar".

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SuperStrokey11232994d ago

Jesus thats a harsh review, from reading it sounds like the fellow who wrote it just didnt "get it". Im getthing this today though to decide for myself but i am a bit worried now...

Beast_Master2994d ago

Destructoid has terrible taste in games. They gave deadly preminition a 10 and Heavy rain a 7 so there you go. I wouldn't ever base a purchase decision based on a Destructoid review.

Rrobba2994d ago

What a harsh review. Anyway, IMO Borderlands was a good game, not sure if I'll get this though...