Medal Of Honor PDLC Confirmed

DICE has confirmed that Medal Of Honor will feature post-launch DLC for the multiplayer side of the game

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Blaster_Master2969d ago

What a perfect way to segregate the user base. Good job EA. Ya douches.

Fishy Fingers2969d ago

Ummm.... It's hardly like EA are the only people doing DLC now is it.

FragGen2968d ago

Just because it's been done before does not make it suck any less now. Too much paid DLC is not a good thing for the customer especially if it is something simple but expensive like a map pack. It encourages developers to release as limited a product as they possibly can and still get away with charging full price for and then charge the customer an additional $10 to $15 a pop for stuff that was already funded with the initial development budget. It's BS.

It's a pocket lining exercise for the publishers (all of whom are money grubbing douchebags: EA. Activision, Ubi). These are the assholes who want to charge you $$ for a demo of a product they want you to buy. That would be like a car salesman charging you to test drive a car. Even those guys are not sleazy enough to do that.

solar2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

or they have been doing it since BF2. its not new mate. EDIT HERE: said havent instead of "have". EA has been known for segregating the community.

gamers need to make a stand against this crap, and paying for Xbox Live, or PS+, or other DLC. sadly, console gamers dont rebel with their wallets like PC gamers do. its something i wish console gamers would do more of.

and no, this is not an elitist comment, but an issue PC gamers have dealt with for years before this console generation. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS!!! DONT LET DEVERLOPRS/PUBLISHERS MAKE YOU PAY FOR EXTRAS THAT SHOULD BE IN THE GAME FROM ITS RELEASE!!!!

T9X692969d ago

No offense, but I would just rather not buy it, then have to update my PC all the time. PC users have the easy way out because they can pirate everything. Not saying you do personally, but when you vote with your "wallets" you can easily download that content for free, where we can't.

FragGen2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Re: PC Gamers vote with their wallets.

Yeah, like the MW2 boycott that worked so well:


I'm a PC gamer as well and you are full of shit.

solar2967d ago


and you fail to realize that in Steam you can change the name of the game you play to whatever you want. i can show i play L4D1 and be playing VVVVVV. that isnt proof. nice try tho.

Akagi2969d ago

What I don't get is announcing DLC before the game is released. Now that just tells me that that DLC is just content cut from the final product and we have to pay for it.

IaMs122969d ago

Well i completely understand announcing the DLC before the game, having plans to MAKE the DLC in the future is okay but when its planned about what it actually is then its too far because then yah they could add it into the game.

DirtyLary2969d ago


Disc Locked Content

jjohan352969d ago

Yeah DLC like re-arranged maps of BC2? No thanks.

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Capt-FuzzyPants2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I want free DLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you agree give bubbles up.

Fishy Fingers2969d ago

Ha, well who doesnt. But it wont happen, unless it's just rehashed maps with different gamemodes (that could of been there from the start) like Bad Company 2.

Capt-FuzzyPants2969d ago

Uncharted 2 released the fort map for free.

solar2969d ago

"Uncharted 2 released the fort map for free."

because that's an exclusive game to the PS3.

Valve wants to put free content to TF2, like they do on the PC platform, but MS wont let them. they want to charge users to get the extra content. which is a HUGE amount of content, new weapons, maps, hats, all that crap. but MS wont let them because of the proprietary system that is 360.

and Fishy is right. "FREE" content fro BFBC2 is a joke. rehashed maps for different game types.

i want gaming as a "service" like Valve has done. not pay for this extra content because we dont want you to sell your game to GameStop.

Mercurial2969d ago

It depends on how quickly the DLC is released to how annoying it is, you have to buy games nowadays with mentality that somewhere along the line there will be DLC involved. If it comes a few months after release, fair play, you'd rather have it on the disk but from a business aspect you can see why it's done. Any sort of DLC release fairly quickly after the game is seriously annoying, especially when you guarantee it could have been on the disk to start with... though, if it's only to enhance certain aspects or additional content then fair enough.

It's DLC like Assassin's Creed 2 where they missed out two whole chapters of the MAIN GAME for DLC which is annoying to absolutely no end and unacceptable.

EA did shoot themselves in the foot a bit though:
"plans to patch the game and balance things" - isn't this the whole point of the beta to fix it before release lol.

George Sears2969d ago

Nothing to see here folks. Just simply one of the cons of internal storage capacity mixed with greed.

2969d ago
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