NBA Elite team 'shocked' by delay

An EA Sports developer has responded to this morning's news of NBA Elite 11 being delayed until 2011, saying that the entire dev team only "found out this morning" and that the news came "as a bit of a shock".

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NYC_Gamer2942d ago

how could they be shocked?the gameplay is awful..

Blaze9292942d ago

it wasnt that bad. People need to stop hating on EA's NBA titles. Sure the past few years of LIVE have sucked but you have to admit, NBA Elite is a drastic improvement from the past NBA LIVE. Not quite there yet but it was still a lot of fun nonetheless. I'll admit that I even liked the demo a lot more than I did the NBA 2K10 demo.

But the gameplay was 'far' from awful.

As for the delay, I'm shocked as well. Giving a big ass opening to 2K Sports to release NBA 2K11 and not worry about competition for another month or even more. I wonder what caused the delay - maybe adding MOVE/Kinect features.

likedamaster2942d ago

You clearly did not read the article. And most folks know how bad NBA 2k10 was, 2k11 will be better... and 2k11 has MJ mode. ;)

TheoreticalParticle2942d ago

I'm going to link a series of videos to disprove what this EA Plant is saying.

This is the long version of "Bynum playing Jesus" at halfcourt video. Watch how screwed up things are. Like a CPU-controller Shaq trying to backhand finger-roll a shot 3 feet from the hoop...with a WIDE OPEN LANE.

Some games in this, like the infamous warp-speed flight you get on dunks, as Kobe Bryant accelerates IN MID-AIR. Then a CPU-Controlled Rondo takes a falling-away, fade-away 3...while spotted up early in the clock. Then Shaq shoots the ball into the back of the backboard.

Then here's some awesome gameplay...that goes on while the guy's in the pause menu.

Those are some pretty major upgrades over Live 2010, folks.

iceman062942d ago

Preferences are one thing. I have no beef with anyone that chooses one NBA game over the other for whatever reasons. That being said, Elite is pretty much a step back once you take to the court. The controls are pretty good and an interesting twist on total control from the past. However, the actual flow of the game and the way it plays is NOT representative of NBA basketball. There's a severe lack in the variety of animations. You can literally shoot 100% from the 3 pt. line if you are good with the sticks...even in heavy defense. You can dunk from a virtual stand still from outside of the key. The new physics are awkward at best. At least in last years game they got some of the core basketball fundamentals correct. In fact, the spacing on the floor and running plays worked much better in Live 10. People will like this years version because it is more run and gun and less simulation oriented. To each his own. But, IMO, the game needs some significant time to polish. Maybe they should pull out for this year and just come back with vengeance next year. The worst thing that could happen is for them to delay it and it STILL come out as an inferior product to it's last game and the competition.

otherZinc2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Yes! The demo is terrible! They must be retarded to be shocked with the delay, it should be scrapped.

jjohan352942d ago

Here's EA screwing up again.

chasegarcia2942d ago

EA is on a roll lately. They finally listen to the customer.Keep it up EA!

Crystallis2942d ago

It is that bad. It feels like a step back. They need at least 2 years to make elite a contender to 2k11. I've been a live fan since forever and Elite is bad...very bad. I wont be surprised if they skip Elite 11 and just release Elite 12 next year. I'd go back to the name LIVE also.

HungPHAT2942d ago

I hated it the first 10 minutes of the demo ! They should go back to the old controls lay out.

the new king 742942d ago

that game was horrible . being able to do crossovers with bynum and kendrick perkins? being able to shoot 70-80% from 3 point range with hook shots? horrible animations , ps2 graphics. the list goes on R.I.P NBA DELETE

TheoreticalParticle2942d ago

Don't forget Bynum dunking from the free throw line on one step.

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