Dead Rising 2 Interactive Map

Need help hunting down the hidden items in Dead Rising 2, then this map is all you need.


Due to high numbers of users, the map is loading slowly, please be patient.

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ZombieAutopsy2942d ago

Very nice this will be useful tonight.

BlackTar1872942d ago

I cant stop laughing everytime there is a serious cut scene and my charcter is shown with only boxers on and a ninja mask.

Nothing says serious like a 1/2 naked ninja

mushroomwig2942d ago

Mine is currently wearing a tight top with some shorts from some girly store. :)

ZombieAutopsy2942d ago

Ha i was playing co-op my buddy earlier and went and put that outfit on and ran back to him and he didn't stop laughing for about 5 minutes.

SpikeSpiegel2942d ago

I had Chuck wearing some assless chaps. XD

BlackTar1872942d ago

just seeing it in game cut scenes makes me laugh.

In the beginning kind of when your daughters sleeping i had a blanka mask i couldn't stop laughing because how terrifying would that be to wake up to a blanka mask at like 6yrs old.

yea the daisy dukes and the flannel shirt knotted are gay lol that what my buddy was wearing we look like the damn ambigoulsy gay duo. Even right this moment im laughing my ass off.

Good shit

game on

evercast2942d ago

Last night we beat half the game co-op one with Akuma mask with the stuntman outfit on and one with the Blanka mask with a Jumpsuit... so much fun.

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