Destructoid Hands-on: Child of Eden (controller) put me in a trance

Our Jonathan Holmes got to participate in what might seem like the Dale North from Destructiod writes "more exciting side of a of a Child of Eden press event, which was scheduled to coincide with last month's Tokyo Game Show. We split the duties, which gave him the hands-on (hands-off?) experience with the game's Microsoft Kinect motion-controlled mode while I took the standard control pad mode. In the end it turned out that I probably had the better experience. Holmes said that he wished he would have tried the control mode after hearing what I had to say about it.

Unfortunately for Kinect hopefuls, as it stands now, the controller-only experience is the definitive one."

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MicroSony4Life3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

to play with a controll or with Kinect?

That would make more sense since we all wont have Kinect.

Waits on developers response to say that a controller patch will be implemented later, depending on sales.

Neckbear3331d ago

You can play the game with a normal controller, or with Kinect.

It's not a Kinect-only title.

UP3331d ago

If you read it. It says that the game can be played with a controller.

cliffbo3331d ago

WAIT a minute! didn't MS just say that the difference between games on Kinect and games on MOVE is that the games on Kinect are made from the ground up for Kinect?! and yet this game can be played with the controller!? not only that but it looks more like a MOVE title!


ADMIRALcoltgahr3331d ago

that because the game was multi-platform to begging with

kungfuian3331d ago

Don't get me wrong. Game looks really cool, but like to see a kinect game that isn't a rail shooter.

Also, bet this game would be fun with 2 move wands.

R_aVe_N3331d ago

I agree with you here. I think the controls would be a lot better with the Move in my opinion. The idea behind it is great, but the lag that comes a long with it is just can hurt the game.

tiamat53331d ago

So much for the killer app.Since Move is a controller then it probably works better with Move too.Another strike against Kinect.

alb18993331d ago

Is easy to find in N4g bad articles talking about Kinect or 360 or Halo........why?

Pillville3331d ago

Same reason you can find so many bad articles about GT5 and Move. Anything that's exclusive get picked over pretty harshly.

Imagine if the new Castlevania was exclusive, there would be 10x the articles claiming it's the greatest thing ever AND why it's doomed.

alb18993331d ago

from gt5 i see 200 good and 2 bad so the move but for Microsoft is like hell in here!

ilikecookies3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

you haven't been told? N4g doesn't exist. It's just a cover up. This site is really called PS3N4G since the PS fanboys make up the majority of it. But that doesn't mean there aren't the fair share of xbox fanboys.

cyberwaffles3331d ago

i guess this site could've been called 360N4G a while ago. from 2006 to about maybe late 2008 or 2009 this site had nothing but shit talking about the ps3, and its arguably justified considering there wasn't a whole lot of games to choose from during the ps3's early years.

i would say this site started gearing towards the ps3 once killzone 2 released.

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