H.A.W.X. 2: good but not great (

Anyone who has followed Tom Clancy branded games can immediately identify that when his name is attached to a title, there are bound to be massive plot twists, nuclear threats, and all out government debauchery at hand. While those elements do exist in Ubisoft’s latest offering to the H.A.W.X. franchise, H.A.W.X. 2, they seem to fall a little short on the riveting plotline that usually accompany titles associated with the famed author.

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wondroushippo2969d ago

I really liked the first one, so I hope this is as good.

starven2969d ago

So many conflicting reviews on this. Think I'll just rent it.

bgrundman2969d ago

I planned on renting it, so I think this will just reinforce that.

roblef2969d ago

Meh. Tom Clancy has no cache in my gaming habits.

notbob2969d ago

Me gusta la Splinter Cell.