HGN-OXM-EA: Console war is good for business

The words come from Electronic Arts European SVP Jens Uwe, who explains that Microsoft and Sony's battle is a good thing.

"Traditionally, third-party publishers are stronger on Microsoft and Sony platforms than on Nintendo, so 360 and PS3 getting stronger certainly suits us... we could certainly see Sony come back," said Uwe

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cyborg69713340d ago

Of course it is. It makes every company try to one up the other making progress and giving us a choice.

DasBunker3340d ago

i agree its good for the consumers... but when one company starts promoting new trends on how to nickle and dime people and gets certain quality by passes about the products it puts out you have to ask yourself if its really doing more good than harm, the ones to blame are the people who support those practices.

number473339d ago

People like Kotick benefit from a system war.. there are few multiplatform/exclusive games that Rival PS3 exclusives. HOLD ON.. im not on a PS3 exclusive rant, which I love doing... but this is different.

Naughty Dog doesn't do Uncharted 2 based on Halo's bar/Gears Bar etc.. they do it because they are developing amazing tech. Think about the DLC/Unreal Engine/Same as last years game.. world we are in with most titles out there? I can probably count on 1 hand the stand out multiplatform games that have benefited from competition, and others.. well.. they outnumber those greatly.

Epic doesn't care to up the ante.. bigger/better/huge multiplayer amazing 'next gen visuals'. Neither is bungie, rockstar.. etc. They could all be doing a whole lot more than what they are doing, but they don't have to because people buy the terrible Codemasters f1 game plagued with bugs to be patched later as a yearly release.

If its true, then Sony has been suffering from the opposite effects being third place and producing the highest quality out there.

ATi_Elite3339d ago

Yes agreed or every game would be made on that nasty filthy Unreal Engine and be labeled Mortal Kombat 59 or COD MW 34.

Just like back in the day (Nintendo vs. Sega)

The exclusives are what determine a winner and not console units sold.

And we all know which console has the best exclusive line up.