HGN-OXM-F1 2010 patch already on the way.

We can confirm that we intend to create and release a patch for F1 2010," say Codemasters.

"This thread will be updated with information as we move through development, testing and release. It will take some time, and sometimes there will even be no news while work is going on, but we'll do our best to keep you as updated as we can.

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ultramoot3333d ago

Formula One is a phenomenal sport. The game, not so much. Weird game mechanics, missing features(Safety Car being the biggest) and lots of bugs. I don't think even a huge patch can fix half of the problems this game has. For a first try, it's not too bad, just a bit underwhelming for those of us who've been waiting for nearly a decade for a proper F1 game.

TROLL EATER3333d ago

sounds like the beggining of a annual game.

gcolley3331d ago

they have already stated that and i doubt it will just be yearly DLC update although that will be the only new bits.

the problem is you have to get the first one right