Terrified schoolgirl has top lip ripped off by dog after it heard barking on her Nintendo DS

DAILY MAIL REPORTER: Megan Walker's family say a friend’s bull mastiff cross went berserk when it heard barking on a Nintendo DS game. It dragged Megan, nine, off a sofa as she played the virtual pet puppy game Nintendogs. The dog sank its teeth into her face, bit her several times and ripped off her top lip.

When I saw her I went hysterical. She just had a dirty rag over her face. I just said ‘where’s her lip?’ It was horrible, the worse thing I have ever seen in my life,' said Mrs Taylor.

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MGRogue20172942d ago

It is the owner's fault.. The dog should have been been housed trained.

Red_Orange_Juice2942d ago

am I supposed to care or something?

xboxlj2942d ago

How insensitive has society become? I don't care if you guys are kids or not, this is a horrible situation. Imagine if it were your daughter, little sister, niece, etc..
I hope you don't have to experience seeing one of your loved ones suffer at all.

LarsoVanguard2942d ago

I hope these two DO have to experience the suffering of their loved ones, so that they might learn what it means to see that sort of thing.

Zinc2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

@xboxlj - I agree. But, think about it... Have you been on public transportation recently? Have you opened up a newspaper recently? Have you been around people at all? It's pretty bad.

Luckily, there are still decent people out there.

SilentNegotiator2942d ago

"How insensitive has society become?"
Welcome to the internets.

*Troll face* Make./b/elieve

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gamingdroid2942d ago

"'People should be told not to play it when there are dogs in the room. I blame the game for what happened to Megan. If they hadn’t been playing it I don’t think the dog would have gone for her.'"

Are people freaken serious? The dog shouldn't be attacking people just because it hears another dog! That is some serious aggression.

I blame it on the dog owners and the dog!!!

HeroXIV2942d ago

I can't be sure but I'm 80% sure that the girl(?) (Dunno, didn't read it the picture scared me, had to adblock it)... teased the dog. By putting it in the dog's ear or whatever or purposely making the dog in-game bark. So if what I believe IS true then serves her right... if not... get a dog that's house-trained and friendly with children.

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PENGUINKK2942d ago

So your whole conclusion is based on...nothing. Awesome contribution.

FACTUAL evidence2942d ago

This just shows animals have their instincts no matter what. I don't say it's the trainers fault, but maybe the DS barking was bad to the dog? IDK, but animals are something humans just cannot understand.

sinclaircrown2942d ago

But to say a dog barking in a game caused it is nonsense. My heart goes out to the little girl.

To the idiots on here posting stupid comments and thinking this is funny in any way shape or form: Even if that girl, or her family never see them, your gutless and cruel comments only show what a true immature dick you really are.

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Cloudberry2942d ago

The dog's probably jealous over Nintendogs... : /

gumgum992942d ago

Some people just don't know how to train dogs...and that's a shame. I live by someone like this. She once had that dog leash so long that I had a hard time getting out the door. 0_0


AEtherbane2942d ago

Oh wait, this isnt funny.
Poor girl, but seriously, thats a messed up dog too,

GodsHand2942d ago

Thats right I feel sorry for her, going to grow up with a defect, will not help her self-esteem, and most of us know how they will turn out unfortunatly.

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