PSP: Fierce revival or last dying breath?

Hooked Gamers writes "Up until the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, I was ready to write off the PSP as a platform gone to the fishes. But since then, it seems that nothing short of a revival is taking place. Will it last? We're pulling our crystal ball and do some gazing of our own."

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JustSomeLogic3339d ago

Roll in psp2 before this thing just drops dead right here

Kiriel3339d ago

That might well be the way to go for Sony

MrMccormo3338d ago

PSP is still a decent system. This year we have MSG Peace Walker and Valkyria Chronicles 2, as well as Patapon 3, Ghost of Sparta, and more coming down the pipeline.

TheGameFoxJTV3338d ago

Don't forget Birth By Sleep.

snoopgg3338d ago

I can't wait for this one.

tacosRcool3338d ago

Only here in the US the PSP isn't too popular. They have tons of games for the system out there in Japan

jack_burt0n3338d ago

the psp sold 2 million in japan this year what a crap article it wont be replaced for ages.

Kiriel3338d ago

How is it a crap article? Isn't that the entire point of the article? That there it's looking better for the PSP than before? You've only looked at the title haven't you? You shouldn't comment then.

jellybalboa3338d ago

crap article, psp is killing it! too many good games still cumin atchya!

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IrishYamato3338d ago

Looking at the support the PSP is getting now, i'd say it's going to have a great last year.
@ Kiriel.
You mentioned in your article that the PSP2 dev kits have been confirmed, have they?. I mean has someone said (other than Shawn Himmerick) that they have a dev kit?. I dont feel comfortable about 'insider' confirmation because all the rumors we've heard so far have been fake- OR HAVE THEY?.

Kiriel3338d ago

It's been all over the news today, coming from so many places, I don't think it can be classified as a rumor anymore. :)

FragGen3338d ago

While I suspect it's true that there will be a PSP2 any related story is suspect until reliably confirmed, IMHO. These retarded video game sites all repeat. link to, and forward each other's crap. All of yesterday's PSP2 talk could have easily originated from a single source, IMHO.

Stealth20k3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

The localizations for the psp have been amazing and we will be seeing psp localizations for at least another 2 years

6 localizations still incoming from square enix
the legends of heroes vi trilogy
valkyria chronicles 3......

The localizations will keep coming

RedPawn3338d ago

PSP is stronger in other regions, but to me it's a fierce revival.

If phones can do, well so can the PSP, I just can't wait to see it & the features.

Fishy Fingers3338d ago

I havent touched my PSP for a long time, I'm a big MGS fan and even Peace Walker hasnt tempted me. Time for a reboot if you ask me.

40cal3338d ago

What? You are a Metal Gear fan and have not picked up Peace Walker?

1. That makes no sense.
2. You are and have been missing out on one of the best games to come out this year.

And it is funny to me that I am downloading the Ghost of Sparta demo right now while reading this headline.

MikeGdaGod3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

ever since i got my iPhone, i haven't gamed with my PSP.....i don't even know where it is in my house!!!

and that's not to say i game on my iPhone alot, but when i'm on the go and have a little free time, i'm usually listening to music, checking email, checking facebook, and playing Solitaire all at the same time, with the phone. (yes by now, i have SERIOUS hours on Solitaire)

just can't do that with my PSP.....maybe the new one will multitask better. it's always killed me that i can't listen to music while i play games on my PSP. and i've had mine since they FIRST 1.

crzyjackbauer3337d ago

i had to hack mine for the emulators
psp games are just too boring
crisis core was the only game that i can say it was worth buying a psp
but other than that, peace walker is ok but not all that

custom firmware has this system on life support

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The story is too old to be commented.