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FanOfGaming3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Game of the year game of the year....Imma kill'em all Imma kill'em all

BTW I'm in the raw version of GOTY PSN: Timberland2K7, watch when Malik raps "shake that *ss b*tch" lol

Trackboss3333d ago

Hey I'm in that vid too!!

thong_pounder3333d ago

this is bs i ordered uncharted 2 yesterday and now i can't even cancel it man GOTY edition is damn good value with those map packs

FanOfGaming3333d ago

I'm buying two copies, one won't be opened and my original copy I'm keeping.

Comet3333d ago

No game has achieved this many Game of the Year awards or just even Awards in general!

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darkcharizard3333d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mass Effect 2 and Halo: Reach leave no room for it

handheldwars3333d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a better game.. GOTY confirmed!!!

Let's not forget LBP2 and Epic Mickey!

ico923333d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mass Effect 2 and Halo: Reach have nothing to do with this article, failed troll attempt btw

badz1493333d ago

I'm buying this no matter what! great value!

gunnerforlife3333d ago

im defo gone buy the goty version(i got the original) cuz all those maps included in there is definitely worth your money

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Prcko3333d ago

In its first year, more than $6 trillion has been earned in in-game Uncharted 2 cash, more than 125 million matches have been played, and about 10,500 man years have been spent online. There has been more than 5 billion kills, 190 million headshots and 3 billion medals awarded.

EXTRA :000

IHateYouFanboys3333d ago

thats pretty poor to be honest.

Halo Reachs figures for the first WEEK of release:

70 Million+ Games have been played
235 Million+ Player-Games have been played
2 Million+ Files have been uploaded to File Shares
5,901 man-years have been spent in online Reach games (sorry, Corporate America!)
20 Million Daily challenges have been completed
709,840 Weekly challenges have been completed
165 Billion Credits have been earned

guaranteed by the end of its second week its surpassed Uncharted 2s lifetime stats.

Pumbli3333d ago

You know... I wonder why someone that calls himself "IHateYouFanboys" suddenly brings up Halo Reach in an article that had nothing to do with Halo Reach or the 360.


IHateYouFanboys3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

i brought it up because just posting some stats mean nothing when you dont have anything to compare them to. if GT5 comes out and sells 4 million, people would be like 'wow thats such good sales!'. but when you compare them to sales of previous games in the series, 4 million is absolutely dreadful.

likewise with these Uncharted 2 online stats. sure, 125m+ games sounds like a hell of a lot - but when Reach does over half of that 12 month figure in a single week, that 125m+ isnt looking so good, is it?

ipwnall3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

IHateYouFanboys, it doesn't matter what your explanation is, you're trolling.

Halo Reach is a multiplayer title. Every single one has achieved massive sales.

Uncharted is a relatively new IP and never associated with multiplayer. Unfair to compare the two.

How about we compare the amount of awards each will win at the end of the year?

Hercules3333d ago

i am quite happy for it...when that train trailer premiered at the VGAs in 2008, i called it goty since then...i said forget AC2, L4D2, ODSt, B:AA, Drake is gonna kill em all..and what do you know...all those damn awards, and still being nominated...thank you sony for this amazing offer $50 for the full game, full online, and $35 worth of content (some exclusive)?? that's a real win

Supman3333d ago

Can't Wait! GOTY 2010!

MGRogue20173333d ago

I already own the game but I'll most likely try to sell it for this GOTY edition :D

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