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Prcko3334d ago

Can't w8 for this game!!!
Cool screens!!!

MrMccormo3334d ago

WHOA! Sick! I can't wait to play this game. I loved R:FoM and R2.

Downtown boogey3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

I like R2 better than KZ2... But as a PS3 owning Halo fan (a lot of hate on me when I defend Halo against PS3 fanboys and defend PS3 against 360 fanboys) I think the two Halos are still better.


HOLY SIZZLES!!! Are those (the actual screens) in-game???

King_many_layers3334d ago

Some of them certianly appear to be from in engine, merely with added touches to them, maybe to show where they want the direction to lead with the final product. As it stands, I think those look nice, the characters appear more fresh, the atmosphere of the first is back, whilst they manged to maintain these wonderful touches of colour around.

I really look forward to seeing how this one turns out. I hope it's stronger in the cutscenes, they really felt tacked onto it, those pre-rendered ones

Jaces3334d ago

I am excite! Loved the first but not so much the second, hope they bring back the weapons wheel in the 3rd!

pangitkqb3334d ago

for Resistance 3. I love that it is set right here on earth during an alternative history apocalypse. Awesome in every way.

frankymv3334d ago

Excellent series EXCEPT for Resistance 2. I think Insomniac lost its way with that game. R3 looks to be the series' big comeback.

xxsnowmanxx3334d ago

cool. but why does capelli not look as jacked as he was in R2? This must happen a few years after R2 since he looks like he's aged and been through a lot

Lifendz3333d ago

Resistance is one of my favorite IPs. I didn't even mind the game drought on the PS3 during 07 because I played Resistance online all the friggin time. Resistance 2 was a good game, but I think a lot of people are a little unfair on it because R1 was really special.

Can't wait for R3. Those screens look gorgeous. Not every game has to out do Killzone in graphics, guys. The graphics in the above screens with Insomniac gameplay should get all of you excited.

ThanatosDMC3333d ago

Damn, i wanna know what the hell that was in the end of R2!!!

Sevir043333d ago

There is a lot going on you can tell from these screens. mixed in are actual screens from the multiplayer. the first map is the prison hall seen here and that is taken from the multiplayer side of their engine. it Looks amazing while running and the still shots here do a good job of showing you just how robust the engine has come.
here's another from the prison hall multiplayer Map

It seems that the same epicness of scale will be present with the 3rd game as well. they've got then that giant boss returning from R2's opening sequence seen here

They've got aparent CGI shots from the engine as well which show aparently a new protagonist named susan. This looks fantastic. the "Grim" type chimera actually LOOK grim just check them out

and the new mechanized chimera teh Long legs look amazing!!! Man I simply cant wait to see it running. This totally owns what i Saw back in October last year!!!! :-)

They've really gone grim and nectic with this one. this is even more darker than the first. This is really how resistance 2 should have looked. The color pallet is just perfect and fits the dire and bleak outlook of mankind on the brink of extinction!!! Good job Insomniac. that trailer is just around the corner!!! if GTTV doesn't show it by october then I'm pretty sure the Grand reveal will be at the Spike VGA awards. :-)

SilentNegotiator3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )
Chimera look a lot more human.

Hopefully R3 is like a mix of R1 and R2.
BRING BACK VEHICLES AND WEAPON WHEEL. And give boss battles more substance...that giant in R2 was cinematic, just TOO cinematic with not enough battling.

pixelsword3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Insomniac cut the 60 fps to get their visuals up to par with Killzone 2.

With the extra power that lowering their framerate will give them, this game will probably be the stuff of legend.

OK, I just saw the long legs, I'm stopping there. I'd like to see the rest in-game

WildArmed3333d ago

Shit :(
You play as cappelli instead of Hale


WhittO3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

it looks like they are going to mainly ignore the ending to R2, it will probably be mentioned that "something" happend and you investigate what. Not too fussed on playing Capelli now instead of Hale.

I was sort of expecting it to pick up where it left off and for us to play through that new world (even if that was just for a bit of a game then you see something like a gigantic army pending invasion and die or something, then the story goes back to Earth).

O well, I'll still play it. Also, some of those screens look quite un-impressive visually, but some look great, it is a long way off though.

ChineseDemocracy3333d ago

My guess is that you play as Cappelli who leads a team of resistance fighters, as most of the army has been wiped out as a result of Hale's conversion.

I think Insomniac knows whatsup, they seem to listen to their fanbase, however, I'm still hoping they bring back/implement the following:

1. The gritty "horror" atmosphere from the first game, it added a level of intensity

2. Weapon wheel. 2 Weapons at a time was a major downgrade, and i felt like i lacked certain weapons for certain situations, it was definitely a step back.

3. Re-adapt the gameplay style of the first game. In R2, i felt as if i were playing Call of Duty in the Resistance Universe. Many things contributed to this; the knife melee attack, the downsized weapons (mainly a POV issue), playing as a special forces operative, etc.

Sarcasm3333d ago

I don't really care, I'm buying this one.

Soldierone3333d ago

I want to disagree that KZ2 is better, but I dont want to disagree that Resistance is the best. Hmmm haha R3 BABY!!!!!!

TotalPS3Fanboy3333d ago

instead of FPS. You connect more easily with the main character when you can actaully see the main character on the screen.

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Active Reload3334d ago

These aren't screenshots, they're concept art. Anyway, the only Resistance I've not played, is the one on PSP. I wonder if they'll carry the story forward with that particular game. The first game is still the best, as far as campaign goes, but my favorite moment was when in R2 you're in the backyard and all those zombie type Chimera start coming at you. That shit was epic!

sayonara893334d ago

Few CA, but most of this shots are in engine screenshots.

number473334d ago

They are the ones without the brush strokes...

The ones with depth of field are 3d, you can see textures.

GiggMan3334d ago

I've stared at quite a few and though there is some concept art (most is labeled concept art) there is some actual screens in there.

The exciting part is some screens look so good they could be confused as concept art. o_O

Active Reload3334d ago

I guess so, if its true, they must've built a new engine. The website should switch the order of those pics because the first 5 or so are concept art.

KiRBY30003334d ago

this is concept art:

all the other pictures are in-engine. you can tell by looking at the shadows or textures. they clearly arent digital drawings.

Kaneda3334d ago

If you actually read the title... :)

Snakefist303333d ago

wow it looks so much more detailed cant wait to see this moving in gameplay

pixelsword3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

@ active relaod:

I don't think they can carry it with grayson.


Wait, that character LOOKS like Grayson!

BaSeBaLlKiD7213333d ago

I actually see the resemblance between Capelli in the screenshots and in R2. The reason why he may doesn't look the same is because he always wore a skull cap throughout the game. Now we see him without the cap and he has hair... The face itself does look like Capelli a bit.

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MerkinMax3334d ago

The Chimera look absolutely stunning now!

Dragun6193334d ago

Hoping Insomniac will give us details on an official post on the PlayStation Blog. Hopefully tell us who's the main character now.

shoddy3333d ago

it almost look like U2 level.

blusoops3333d ago

Will be Capelli. That much has been made obvious.

pixelsword3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Yeah, Capelli.

Capelli was the main character in the live-action clip... if you noticed, he had the facial scar like he did in the game.

BUT This character looks like Grayson.

gatormatt803333d ago

Or is that Hale with hair??

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Christopher3334d ago

Is it going to be a TPS instead of FPS? Personally would love it seeing these character models. Looks like many of those screenshots are from cut scenes, though, which are using the same engine, but may be enhanced.

zeddy3334d ago

its art work but if they are realized then we have game on our hands.

bustamove3334d ago

Whoa! :o

Amazing screenshots!

himdeel3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

...and a lot less buff. I am amazed by these screenshot. Dear Insomniac...well I'm running out of room to type, love you


zane_78493334d ago

If you look at the screenshots and compare them to some of the Ratchet and Clank screens from All4ONE and Crack in Time you can see a similar style of overlapping effects and flourishes on top of the regular character models.

It looks great.

ABizzel13334d ago

To be honest I wanted to finish the game as Nathan Hale, Capelli just doesn't fit as a lead character to me, but oh well.

I like traveling across the US and props to Insomniac for going to STL (St. Louis my hometown).

I swear to you these images are almost identical to the layout of what I though R3 should have been. I thought R3 should have the Chimera win the war and all that's left are refugees hiding underground or in abandoned buildings trying to survive, and from the looks of it that's what has happened.

The Chimera look a little more like the Locust from Gears of War (especially the Ravenger), but that doesn't bother me. And graphically the game looks good enough (it's not running for best graphics in a FPS, but like Halo it has huge scale but in a different way).

I can't wait for huge battles with the odds completely stacked against me, the return of co-op for single player campaign, online co-op with an overhaul (R2's co-op was fun, but it was dull, because you knew exactly what to do after the first week, and I played as a medic, so the medic gun's sound became annoying), multiplayer is the only thing I'm concerned about.

They had 60 players last time and it was too chaotic, it was shoot whoever you saw. And if their going to have that many players or more on a map then they need to work on how to keep the chaos in order at all times until it's a full 30 on 30 battle (splitting up into smaller teams was ok, but try something else).

I think they should ton it back down to 40, 40 is still a large number, but it's more controlled, and with that you won't have to have huge maps (smaller maps = more combat, but not closed quarters because then you'll have a bunch of grenade spamming noobs).

I can't wait for R3.

xJxdOggyStYLe3333d ago

into buying resistance 2...cuz here on n4g is was the "gears of war killer"
and that game was horrible...i wont be gettin fooled this time and buying it...

nickjkl3333d ago

what how is an fps a tps killer

thats like having a racing game being called a fps killer

himdeel3333d ago

...then I got some prime real estate to sale you in the pacific ocean. I've got a website for that as well.

UP3333d ago

I was going to as him to buy my prim real estate in places such as North Korea.

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tinybigman3333d ago

it ain't looking good for mankind. i can't wait for part 3 :)

3333d ago
pain777pas3333d ago

I will not spoil Resistance 2 but I think the antagonist will be the twist.

Crazyglues3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

What is going on right here, what did I just see, is this an animated movie or is this a game....

OMG - did I fall asleep and wake up in the future, first Bioshock Infinite Shocked me, and now this... I mean these screens are unbelievable -they look so good.

The detail on the boat was so crazy I got brain freeze, I had to look at it over and over again just to process what I was seeing -because there is no way that's in-game.. OMG!!!

This game could be something special if they do it right... it's looking sick... wow

Can't wait to see this running to see if it's really going to look that good...


bviperz3333d ago

Show me more! There goes my bank roll...

R0l33333d ago

Hale is the final boss, all chimeraized.

MikeGdaGod3333d ago

just bring back the weapon wheel and i'm good

avengers19783333d ago

Can't wait, but probably will be until fall 2011 for this one. I hope it hits sooner, but I'm ready for it whenever it drops.

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Nitrowolf23334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

i really hope it turns into a survivor base game
R1 scared the crap out of me in those dark parts

Hank Hill3334d ago

Those aren't screenshots, they're concept art.

karl3334d ago

the chimera with robotic legs is a screenshot ... look at the shadow

and the picture R3_Haven_Susan
that looks like Hale to me

and there are many others that look ingame to me... but i cant say for sure

ADMIRALcoltgahr3334d ago

nah its capelli its say in the pics its self R3_Boat_Capelli

gatormatt803333d ago

Yeah I agree that the picture R3_Haven_Capelli looks like Hale. I mean look at his eyes, they have that yellow tint to them, and if you block out the hair with your hand it looks like Hale to me. I'm not completely sold on that being Capelli just yet. I know the pic says Capelli on some but until its announced then I'll believe it

huzzaahh3333d ago


All of the Sentinels are affected with the Chimeran virus. Just because Capelli has yellow eyes doesn't mean that he could be Hale.

Sevir043333d ago

Well said. Nathan wasn't the only survivor of the chimera infection. the sentinels were as well, thats why they formed the sentinels. And The person in the screens is None other than Capelli, the scar gives it away. and if you didn't play R2 then you wouldn't know. the ending is a dead give away.

I'm just surprised the game looks this amazing. i cant wait to see the trailer. I hope this game releases in the Fall. go back to the roots. It already looks grim and bleak and horror-ish like the first but on a much more gritty level. What would be cool is if they released this Nov 17th 2011. the same day Resistance:FOM graced The world and helped validate why the PS3 is THE the ultimate console in HD gaming. :-) i cant wait to see more.

Last October the game was looking great. This just blew what i saw months ago out of the water.

gatormatt803332d ago

@ Sevir04: Yes but also if you played R2 and R1 then you would also know that Hale has the ability to reheal himself, so just because he was shot in the head in the end that doesnt mean he is dead. I'm just saying.

gatormatt803332d ago

@ huzzaahh: I don't recall seeing Capelli with yellow eyes in R2. And wasnt Hale infected with a different strand of the virus??

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frelyler3334d ago

ones that say concept at the bottom are concept art, the ones that say exclusive are screenshots, look closely and it's obvious. Regardless this game gives me a half life 2 vibe with left 4 dead darkness, but with much better graphics obviously, also is that Nathan Hale, can't wait to see how the story plays out especially with how 2 ended.

mastiffchild3333d ago

Yep some a screenies but none are gameplay and may be, at best, in engine cutscenes rather than CGI. I wanna see hands and a gun sticking out of the bottom myself as you never know til you see actual gameplay, imho.

extermin8or3333d ago

cover the guys hair, its hale lol, especially if you compare with a pic of hale...

raztad3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

the last ones seems in-game

Some screens:

Impressive lightning/textures here:

All_4_One3333d ago

I`m hesitant to call those screen-shots. They look more like touched-up screens to me, but either way, it looks really nice.