EA Sports MMA and UFC Undisputed 2010 can’t even be compared

After having tried out both the demos of the two games TGP can hereby say that UFC has no competition. Not saying that MMA isn’t a good game, or that UFC is a better game, it’s just saying that it’s two totally different games.

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they should be though since competition is good

SpaceSquirrel2967d ago

I think both will be very good.


it probably will be good but its more of a street fighter game than a mma game if you ask me

albel_nox2967d ago

Judging from the demo EA Sports MMA is a huge disappointment for me. Undisputed 2010 has its weaknesses but EA MMA is a horrible representation of mixed martial arts.


thats right! glad im not the only one reacting to this. EA is just using the MMA name