Microsoft: Ads, Xbox Live crucial in Japan

Japanese-centric marketing approach, Xbox Live are keys to Xbox 360 success in Japan, says Microsoft Japan chief Takashi Sensui.

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Fat Onion5394d ago

Microsoft should stop wasting there time and money in japan.

mikeeno75394d ago

Microsoft should have got the japan launch day spot on. Already, because of there failure, the 360 is viewed with negativity over there. Yes, software hits will help but now Microsoft have no choice but to ride along and try again with the 3rd Xbox, and to get EVERYTHING RIGHT on its launch day. Another prediction from my crystal ball...

specialguest5394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

MS messed up in Japan with the Xbox1. you would think they learned from the last gen and develope a more attractive line of launch titles that appeals to the Japanese gamers, but no, they didn't do that. one or two games won't cut it. i guess this is their last strong attempt to gain some kind of forward momentum.

SDS Overfiend5394d ago

Exactly. That The Problem With america We always worried about other Countries. F^ck japan they're Racist anyway toward America from what happened to Hiroshima.

jinn4761d ago

they must increase ads in Japan