Capcom to announce two new games tomorrow

GamerZines writes:

Capcom Europe have teased that the publisher is due to announce two new titles tomorrow.

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movements2942d ago

How long am I going to have to beg for another Onimusha? Just save it from Ninja Theory and we're set.

WildArmed2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Suddenly Reboots from Capcom are a thing of worry instead of excitement :(

Hoping for RE6 or BoF

darkcharizard2942d ago

We're gonna get something for Wii

FiftyFourPointTwo2942d ago

Imagine emo Samanosuke or emo Jubei. :D

Blacktric2942d ago

Or a game for DS. Or maybe another downloadable shovelware title.

Dragun6192942d ago

Not gonna get my expectations high but knowing Nintendo has a 3DS press conference tomorrow I'm assuming they'll be 3DS launch titles.

Redempteur2942d ago

they better NOT reboot breath fo fire ..

just give me a sequel and i'll be fine .. something like BOF4 but in HD

madjedi2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

After seeing the new design for dante, can you really blame anyone, if it isn't a new onimusha or bof, not interested.

I doubt they would announce a hd collection at an event, probably just have a press release.

But for re hd collection, i don't know you have to go back to the ps1 res for that, minus re4 the ps2 re's weren't all that great.

If capcoms wants to reboot anything reboot the resident evil series, i liked the survival horror vibe from the first 3. When you weren't killing giants and massive spiders that fit more in a gow type game than re.

pangitkqb2942d ago

But lately I don't appreciate their efforts very much, mostly because of their lackluster efforts on PS3. Now, I love my 360 as well, but look at Dead Rising 2, for example. Nearly a 3 gig HDD install on PS3 and it still runs worse, and at a lower resolution, than 360's version? What the hell!?! Crappy ports are so early 2008.

Anyway, Capcom has some great series...but I want to see better efforts across the board.

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MiloGarret2942d ago

Another Onimusha would be the best thing to happen to gaming this gen. Alas, I doubt it'll be another Onimusha, if they were going to announce Onimusha they'd have been teasing it like crazy.

DS and/or Wii games seem likely.

darkcharizard2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )


CAPCOM has almost confirmed their appearance at the conference! :)

PS - You can see my comment, if your can recognize my DP :D

ALSO - This is my 500th comment. Thank you all for reading my shit :P

ozstar2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )


TrevorPhillips2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

I pray to the one and only God above that it's either these 3 following games: Dino Crisis, Onimusha and of course how can I forget my all time favorite RESIDENT EVIL

Simon_Brezhnev2942d ago

well they will fuck up Onimusha their rebooting like every franchise they have.

Cloudberry2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

* New Onimusha.

* Onimusha Blu-Ray Collection in HD, 3D, & Trophies.

* New Monster Hunter PS3.

* Megaman Legends 3.

Come onnnnnnnnn!!!

It has to be one of those games!!!!!!!!!

sinncross2942d ago

Probably Nintendo announcements considering how close the announcements come to Nintendo's press conference.

That said, MH PS3 would be cool.

Baka-akaB2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

better not hope for any of those .

Onimusha might be about some justin bieber look alike who find the magic sword of samanosuke and fight vampires in slo-mo

Megaman might turn out to be some hobo veteran from afghanistan , the governement experimented upon and hellbent on revenge against the director of CIA , john Sigma and his sidekick Dr William Willy .

Breath of fire might be a fps about a mercenary hunting down iguana genetically modified with fairies and dinosaurs dna ...

RockmanII72942d ago

"Megaman might turn out to be some hobo veteran from Afghanistan, the government experimented upon and hellbent on revenge against the director of CIA, Dr William Willy and his sidekick John Sigma"


FiftyFourPointTwo2942d ago

Why do I feel like the heavily rumored MML3 is for the 3DS..............

kratos1232942d ago

Why do I have the feeling that your right damn I wish it isn't true

RockmanII72942d ago

I have a feeling its gonna be Wii timed exclusive with a possible Move port.

frankymv2942d ago

God I hope its RE6. Not only does Capcom need to redeem itself from the disappointing RE5, but it also needs a hit this gen.

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