No Kinect stock in UK on launch day - GAME stores

There will be no Kinect stock available to buy in the UK come launch day on November 10 - according to the stores of national retailer GAME.

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MrMccormo2946d ago

Ooops. Difficult to launch something when stores don't even carry it.

Or is this in preparation of Microsoft announcing "KINECT HAS SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!"

KingME2946d ago

Yeah, kind of like how Move controllers are 2 to 4 weeks out at amazon.

@MrCcormo - Try reading the article next time.

Zir02946d ago

There will be a lot of trolling to come, Kinect selling well is every PS3 fanboys nightmare.

Why o why2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

dont you mean the core 360 gamers worst nightmare cause if this explodes you can probably expect even less new core ip's and exclusives than you have now as MS will shift even more of its resources to it. You actually wanna hope its in between so MS doesnt forget who got them where they are imo.

Unicron2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

It should be every GAMER'S nightmare until they actually show compelling software... same goes for Move.

cliffbo2946d ago

sorry, but that is exactly what is happening here.

n4gno2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

@kingme, the differences is : you could buy move, but after 2,3 days, it was really sold out (and the numbers of players here playing with it prove that stocks where relatively importants)

@Lol at jokeonyou and others denial's brothers :)

SilentNegotiator2946d ago

"Kinect selling well is every PS3 fanboys nightmare"

You mean every CORE GAMER's worst nightmare.

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hennessey862946d ago

my girlfriend has already pre orderd it for me from game YEEEAAAAHHHH

moodymofo2946d ago

did you cheat on her or somthin?because id be wondering what i did wrong to deserve something like that

hennessey862946d ago

no my friend i actually want kinect, you see im a gamer and i have move now i want kinect

Scotland-The-Brave2946d ago

just out of curiosity, what kinect titles are you planning on purchasing?


cliffbo2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

'lucky for me' is not a phrase i would associate with said product

redfirm2946d ago

wait is it a friend or girlfriend ? im confused.. couse if its a friend just dump him and buy the move...u get it ...

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bustamove2946d ago

If Kinect sells, say goodbye to the hardcore games.

Just saying.

Philoctetes2946d ago

On the 360, yeah. On the PS3, there's more than I have time to play.

bustamove2946d ago

Um...that's what I meant.

r1sh122946d ago

Its pretty much pre-orders, Im sure game were given an allocation which they have now met just from Pre-orders.
I think Move sold fairly well so far, but for most people the PS3 is more of a media centre than just a gaming console.
Also, I have no idea why but in general xbox customers tend to buy all the additional stuff aftermarket.
Why dont PS3 customers buy all the add on equipment and peripherals?

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BrianG2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

@ Jack,

Deleted my comment, Jacks was declared Off Topic. So no reason respond.

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Anon19742946d ago

The head of the UK retailer CHIPS doesn't think Kinect will sell or move consoles.

"In some ways Microsoft has missed the boat. Over the last two years the casual market has been declining rapidly."

"I don’t think it’s going to add any hardware sales."

I guess we'll find out in a couple of months.

gamingdroid2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Did you look at the (US) pre-orders? Now Game (UK) is reporting they are selling out.

Some guy THINKS it isn't selling out, versus companies telling you it is selling briskly. Who to believe? Especially coming from you!

Not biased at all...

Hades13372946d ago

The same Chips that have had to close all their stores and made all their staff redundant? Yeah they seem like reliable business experts...

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Droid Control2946d ago

People actually want this sh!t.
I mean, GAME are sold out already!

Apollyn2946d ago

No there not, They are still taking deposits, Game are only ordering the stock that is alas deposited for customers.

btk2946d ago

Maybe they are expecting it to fail and don't want to have stock sitting on the shelves.

Apollyn2946d ago

Nope there not they are pushing it like mad. Like insanely mad they think its the next big thing

Thecraft19892946d ago

Apollyn Is right with anything like this game will just buy what they pre order my bro works at game they have not had a single pre orders as of yet at the store he works at.

YoshiMeetsU2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

"Confusingly, the retailer's head office seems to disagree - informing CVG that it is not aware of any such shortage. However, the HQ has admitted that the peripheral has the "potential to sell out on release day"

Translation: The guy making minimum wage behind the cash register does not know what he is talking about.

Going to sell out like crazy. The only thing standing between Kinect being the hottest ticket this holiday is the 3DS and I think if that gets a 2010 announcement it will only be Japan.

SmokeyMcBear2946d ago

you totally contradicted yourself. The guy behind the cash register is sayings its sold out and they're going like hotcakes.. then corporate says the guy doesnt know what he's saying.. .sooooo.. yeah.

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Omega42946d ago

What a surprise....NOT lol.

For once preordering early actually made a difference. Feel sorry for those people who thought they could just walk in and buy one, and of cause for all the casuals who aren't even aware of it yet.

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Shadow Flare2946d ago

From what ive gathered on this site, the people who are buying it are buying it just for the dash board. Not even for the games. Brilliant. $150 to whizz a menu to the right with your hand. But i guess its between that or playing a bunch of kinetc games which have shown absolutely zero improvement on old eyetoy games. Just look at the launch titles.

KingME2946d ago

That's almost like me saying I bought move, to light up my crawspace when I have to go under the house. If you have gather that from this site, they you need to learn to take better notes as that's not the general consensus.

Hades13372946d ago

Using N4G as a source of research is about a useful as a chocolate teapot.

I love how all the Kinect haters are now giving pitiful reason for the device actually selling, after stating that it would NEVER sell. The Kinect launch titles are no better or worse than the Move launch titles, which are all amazing according to consensus of opinion on this site. I guess I just validated my own analogy above.

Shadow Flare2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I'm sorry, I should have gone down the street and held a survey of 100 people before I commented.

That was just a quick sample of 360 gamers opinions I saw on n4g. Shoot me. Haven't seen any buying the thing for any game in particular, just for the dash board. I didn't claim that was what everyone in the world would do. It's just something I noticed on n4g from 360 owners. Geez.

And yeah, we all know Moves launch line up is no spring chicken either, but it has games which works brilliantly with move. Sports Champions, RUSE and Echochrome ii are all ones I've been very impressed with. Now tell me what kinetc games you'll be buying. Because from what I've seen, the move games I mentioned above look far more immersive and enjoyable to the core gamer then jumping when skittles needs to jump a hedge and sticking your butt out when you need to drift round a corner in Joyride

And to the guy above, if you're bothered enough to check, you'll find comments in the past where I've said kinect would sell well at launch because of microsofts massive advertising campaign. That's pretty freaking obvious because that's what Microsoft do. Market things like hell. But if kinetc doesn't get good praise from the street like move has been getting, then the only way it will be heading is down. You should be hoping it fails. Unless you want Microsoft to focus most of their resources on the casual market

8-bit2946d ago

Yeah the Kinect titles are awful..

Bigpappy2946d ago

I ordered mine the day after E3. I just know that the store are going to sell out. I don't want to have to elbow any kid's Mom over this thing. But I already have this as my kids Christmas gift w/Xbox360-S. Got the add-on for myself. The casuals can have what is left or wait until after the holidays.

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Clarence2946d ago

Sounds to me like their trying to use fear tactics to push sales.

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