Halo Reach Aim Bot - Some People Just Want Their Accounts Banned came across this youtube video in which a Halo Reach player is, clearly, not aiming anywhere near his opponent's heads, but is getting head shot after head shot. Is the MP in Reach already compromised?

From the article: So it would seem that even the great Halo Reach is not immune to cheats, hacks, and game breaking shenanigans. Recently the YouTube video above was posted by a user named se7ensins, who operates a YouTube page dedicated to modding/hacking XBOX 360 games, claiming that it captured in-game footage of someone aim-botting in Halo Reach.

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MrMccormo2943d ago

Already? And this is why I tend not to play online multiplayer games.

(and that's nothing against Halo in particular. Most FPSs have this problem)

rroded2943d ago

hope he n his jtag console get perma banned now

Red_Orange_Juice2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

sad, they suck at life, and they cant stand the fact that they suck at video games too.

SeanRL2943d ago

What's the point? Even his teammates hate him lol

theonlylolking2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

@Red_Orange_Juice and Gam3s4lif3

They dont suck at life they are probably just bad at the game.

Hackers are very smart people at what they do. Even though its bad, against the terms of service, against the law, and annoying.

JhawkFootball062943d ago

this is not on xbox live, its on xlink kai. Its for people who have their console banned

pangitkqb2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

1) spend your free time modding and hacking Xbox 360 games (GO GET A GIRLFRIEND and stop wasting time trying to hack Halo you NERD) and 2) Apparently can't compete at the same level as anyone else and therefore need to cheat.

Seriously, every time I see videos of hacked console games I think both of those things.

It's one thing to game as a hobby. It's another to spend huge amounts of time trying to create cheats while also taking the time to put videos of it on Youtube.

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Gam3s4lif32943d ago

It was bound it happen soon...ppl who has no life to try make a cheat to ruin online gaming....what are the chances of versing this noob, lol he got out DMR from a guy who didnt hav a aim bot = suck much?

KillerBBs2943d ago ShowReplies(3)
MrMccormo2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

And it does send a very strong message to gamers when Halo: Reach has cheating like this. MW2 and Gears on 360 are no different.

I hate to say it, but I'll take the "horrible" lack of cross-game chat on PSN with the comfort of knowing there are no aimbots.

pimpmaster2943d ago

dude wtf are you talking about. ps3 is full of cheaters. cod4 was insane. on the other hand cod4 on 360 didnt have any.

SeanRL2943d ago

Have you played mgs4 online? Against the "pros"?

gamingdroid2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

This happen on all platforms, PC included.

MS has a team that enforces Xbox Live Policies and frequently ban people for cheating and having naughty gamertags!

Although I use PSN, I have never heard of any banning or policy enforcing. Have anyone? Do PSN have something similar to Xbox Live Policy Enforcement?

Gawdl3y2943d ago

That whole COD4 UFO hack shenanigans was just plain silly. It got silently patched on the server-side, and it actually was possible to do on the 360, just much harder due to the fact that at the time, the 360 required a transfer cable to get game saves on your PC. Other than that hack, there were none others, so how can the PS3 be full of cheaters?

Yeah, they have a policy enforcing system (they just implemented a message report feature as well), you just have to send a report.

And yeah, the JTAGs are out of control. The Xbox 360 seems it is becoming the go-to console for hacking, thanks to how easy the JTAG mod is. On the PC there is anti-cheat (as well as a report system), and there aren't really any full-fledged hacks like this for the PS3. It's good that Microsoft is doing all they can to ban these JTAGers, because they ruin the game.

theonlylolking2943d ago

The PS3 does have rapid fire peeps but not aim boters...yet.

hankmoody2942d ago

Man, you are such a fanboy. Are you really going to sit there with a straight face and state that there's no hack based cheating on PSN?

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mittwaffen2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Bungie have a wicked banning system, so this should be dealt with.

But he sucks ass, he kept killing himself he was such a noob. No wonder he cheats.

KillerBBs2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

fix it.
I put this on the programmers not the customer.

mittwaffen2943d ago

Because a fix takes time, they already have a working ban/console ban system in place.

Ban the pricks, while its being fixed.

gamingdroid2943d ago

I think the combination of ban plus a costly subscription that can net you a ban means there are few and far between cheaters. I personally haven't met any cheaters other than lag switchers once.

shoddy2943d ago

Wonder how long they ban the account you pay for?

mittwaffen2943d ago

They usually perma band the account/console for serious things like this.

TROLL EATER2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

im sure bungie will patch this up. halo 3 had a smooth multiplayer. nothin as worse as MW 2

IaMs122942d ago

Sucks when people do this takes the fun out of the game. If your going to do something like this only do it in a private match with friends where you all have it. then it will be interesting haha

Plus, why do you need an Aim bot for Reach lol its a blast and very easy, you shouldnt need an aim bot at all.

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NewsForMe2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Banning people won't help. JTAG users can unban themselves. From what I have heard they get banned every few hours and it is a simple process to unban themselves. All they can do is patch the game. Once people crack a console it's over, they have full control. The Wii and Xbox 360 have been cracked wide open and PS3 is next. I wonder how long the 3DS is going to last? Half finished games and day 1 payed DLC here we come.

HSx92943d ago

u can already modify games via PS3, it's just super hard becuase they are usually encrypted.

Roozium2943d ago

My friend hacked his PS3 with his cellphone so now he can play games from a external harddrive.

salinidus2943d ago

thats not hacking man they just used a tool stolen from sony its self

The Lazy One2943d ago

you can't unban an IP ban though.

Fishy Fingers2943d ago

Surely getting round an IP ban is quite easy.

The Lazy One2943d ago

not that easy. You could try to set up some sort of proxy, but your performance would take an impact, and you'd have to find a proxy that's easy to set up from your 360.

They can also gamertag and credit card ban you and then the only way you get unbanned is if you get a new gamertag or get someone at M$ to unban you.

Gawdl3y2943d ago

Microsoft usually bans your console, but yeah, that is actually able to be bypassed with a JTAG.

HSx92943d ago

u fail, it's called a VPN

The Lazy One2942d ago

HAH. a VPN? Do you even know what a VPN is? I'll give you a hint at why you're wrong by telling you that VPN's aren't about accessing the internet, they're about accessing private networks. VPN's actually very often give you absolutely terrible performance compared to even dial up. Most won't even let you access the internet while you're logged into the VPN. Not to mention the fact that a VPN does absolutely nothing to hide your IP, gamertag, or credit card.

And how the hell do you access a VPN from a 360? Who's hosting this VPN?

Gawdl3y2942d ago

You're arguing with the wrong person... You do know who HSx9 is, right? I'll give you a hint: NGU. That is, if he is the real deal.

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morganfell2943d ago

We will see how "next" the PS3 happens to be. Especially the way Sony is going after people. Individuals running their mouths and posting jailbreak videos are getting slapped with a summons. Let's see how funny jailbreaking is when you are slapped with a $500,000 fine.

When some clown gets his PS3 online in a MP game and starts pulling something like this you can talk. Until then let the air out of your chest and just keep walking.

lolzers2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

$500,000 fine?

Lol, you're comical morganfell.

You go girl, with ya bad self.

morganfell2943d ago

I heard jtag users can walk on the surface of the sun and if they need money they fart a gold bar and pay for it. Blah blah blah.

Stop spreading boogie man rumors as if these jackwads are hacking gods. They aren't. They are little more than pimple faced losers who suck at life and have a single small niche to stroke their shrunken egos.

lolzers2943d ago

Morganfell is the only God. All fall before Morganfool. He is the wisest of all the wise men, and shall bring upon the age of the Sony. Only then will we be free from tyranny.

Bring forth your sacrifices to the Lord Morganfell.

pimpmaster2943d ago

from what ive heard , and from me trying to unban my own console to unban a jatag you need a second console to take the serial number from. so youll have 2 consoles with the same unbanned serial number. its not as simple as just walaa click the unban button. then theres always the threat of gamertag banning wich is usually what they do and is irriversable so you have to get a whole new GT and pay 60$ for live again

shoddy2943d ago

Baning is good for xbox sales and xlive account.

pimpmaster2943d ago

well it depends what they do. hackers never give up if you ban them theyll just make a new account and keep cheating. thats why u gotta take the most extreeme measures. once your 100% shure there cheating ban their console and so either they just go offline or have to spend 250$ just to get back online. cheaters really ruin games.

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MGRogue20172943d ago

... Who gives a ..

This game is boring now anyway.. Sold it a while ago.

Eiffel2943d ago

Are you bored of getting pwned? I can see how failing could get boring.

Spydiggity2943d ago

however, i do find myself getting bored when i keep getting the same maps i've been playing since halo 2. bungie really shit the bed when it comes to making new, fun multiplayer maps.

Gam3s4lif32942d ago

thts what forge world is for...apparently you didnt kno it existed.

Spydiggity2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

wow...a halo fanboy so big that he will overlook something as obvious as a lack of original MP content. yes, noob, i know about forge. but when you goto a little map list called "team slayer" know...the MOST popular type, you are subjected to just the maps that shipped with the game. and THOSE maps are half remakes and half sections of the campaign. that's the first time i've seen that from bungie and it's disappointing. you can be an apologist all you want, but that won't change reality.

how sad is it that i consider myself a halo fanboy and even i'm blown away by your comment?

likedamaster2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Halo 2 had some of the best maps known to date. Halo CE isn't far behind. <-- Hang Em High, Bloodgulch, Sidewinder... just to name a few.

gcolley2943d ago

that is why you clicked on this article, because you don't care???

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PimpHandHappy2943d ago

i hope MS doesnt charge to patch this :-)

that is a total joke of a game right there

---stone---2943d ago

Bobby Kotick would probably charge 1200 ms points to have aimbots / continued use of aimbots. For those that hate people with aimbots, he would charge 12,000 ms points up front plus 2400 ms points per week to move players to a dedicated aimbot free server.

AKissFromDaddy2943d ago

This definitely fun in private lobbies but it game breaking in the public ones. This is worlds worse than any MW2 glitch I've ever seen in public matches.