BioShock PC - You Only Install Twice

As if 2K wasn't taking enough flak from yesterday's widescreen debacle, now gamers who have spent their hard-earned cash on the PC version of BioShock are finding that they can only install the game twice, ever. The game uses SecuROM copy protection, which verifies the install of the game remotely, disabling further installs once the game has been installed twice. This means if you are the type of person like me who formats your computer frequently to to get rid of generic crap buildup, you are screwed. If you frequently shift around games to free up space, you are screwed.

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ALI-G4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

screwing the customer ?

@larry007: nasim i was worried about u.i thought something bad happened to u, but unfortunately you still alright with ur cratonic comments

larry0074166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

It has sold only 48000 copies till yesterday on x360

and just 23000 copies on PC

BAD LUCK :- 2k games

this is what happens when you choose a defective side

a GAME usually sells 30% of what it sells on its LAUNCH DAYS

BIOSHOCK is available all over and u would never come across a store where it is selling except AMAZON. even at AMAZON 1000s of copies are available

BIOSHOCK is available on all stores /online websites of BESTBUY ,GAMESTOP and AMAZON

BIOSHOCK is abailable all over. The only place it is selling is AMAZON perhaps 2k copies until yesterday maybe out of that 48k

crck4166d ago

BTW I doubt those numbers will hold true. Even The Darkness sold over 100k copies on 360 the first week and 50k copies on ps3.

snoop_dizzle4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

dude it was launch day. And dude this game might not appeal to the masses.

Shadow of the colossus never did.

Do you just judge thing by sales?

Man i bet you do that with music to don't you?

Boy golly then you must've loved avril lavigne and Britney spear and backstreet boys and Nsync didn't you?

plastixblue4166d ago

UPDATE - Elizabeth from 2K has repsonded on the forums, clarifying the copy protection issue. The key lies in uninstalling before you reinstall. Uninstalling registers the same as installing does, so if you do not perform an uninstall first SecuROM thinks you are just installing the game on different systems over and over again. Hit the jump for the full text of Elizabeth's message, and thanks for everyone who followed up on the issue.

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larry0074166d ago

The only game x360 had was GEARS which is now on PC and runs at 1080p @60FPS

MASS EFFECT and HALO 3 are too cartoonistic to be even considered as next gen games

BIOSHOCK if u are unaware has flopped on x360.

IT has sold just 48000 copies till yesterday on x360.


Sangheili854166d ago

"hy would someone buy a defective console with no GAMES
The only game x360 had was GEARS which is now on PC and runs at 1080p @60FPS

MASS EFFECT and HALO 3 are too cartoonistic to be even considered as next gen games

BIOSHOCK if u are unaware has flopped on x360.

IT has sold just 48000 copies till yesterday on x360.


AAAHHHAHAHAHA ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahah I can't stop laughing no games... haha 360 with no games... hahaha Damn fanboys just say the dumbest things. Hahahaha It came out yesterday noob. Give it time. And where did you hear 48,000 copies? And wtf is cartoonistic? It's not even a word! So besides Killzone2 which has art work like gears gray and black mainly all those other PS3 games that look like cartoons are what? Not because their on PS3?

USMChardcharger4166d ago are not really trying to make an intelligent are trying to get a rise out of someone. all those games sitting at your local game store has blank disk in them right?

razer4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

Is there a reason why you keep spamming this in every single Bioshock thread.. Not once but multiple times?

Did Ken Levine pee in your cheerios or are you so insecure that this AAA game is only on the 360/PC??? Anyone who feels compelled to SPAM N4G over and over with the same lies just stinks of envy..

Maybe you need to pop in "How Stella Got her Groove Back" on Blu-ray and wiggle your Sixaxxis for awhile??

EDIT: I also understand that Bioshock is on the 360, but this has NOTHING to do with the 360 version of the game and just another reason why I think PC gaming stinks.. I hear Nvidea had to release new drivers for the game as well.. too much hassle.

snoop_dizzle4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

its funny how hard you try.

And dude, mult accounts are against the rules + you must be really desperate to do that.

Edit: The irony with this kid nasim here is that he keeps saying the game should have MP but he is just so annoying(i can usually stand most fanboys) why would any one want to play with him online? So really online play is useless to him. :P

Figboy4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

welcome to my ignore list, larry!

and i'm a big Playstation fan, but i'm ashamed to have you associated with our fan pool.


Shadow of the Colossus ended up on the PS2's Greatest Hits line by it's first year out. the criteria for such is to sell, at the *LEAST 500,000 units. so Shadow of the Colossus is actually quite the hit.

as for Bioshock...well, from my own personal experiences, i can't find the damn game on the PC at *ANY dedicated gaming store (ie, EB/Gamestop). they were all sold out.

i guess, however, that's a good thing, as not only is my videocard acting like a stupid little b*tch concerning it, it looks like i can only install it twice! (see what i did there, how i made this post actually about the topic in the end? booyah!)

i think i'll just have to have my Bioshock fix from my roommate's 360, until the inevitable PS3 version comes out (remember when Enchanted Arms had an "Only on X Box 360" stamp? yeah...).

i'd have preferred to play it on my PC, but i'm not upgrading my videocard just for this game, and the 360 version is great, and i get to play it on my HDTV to boot (or my roommates, since i doubt he'll let me borrow his 360 now that he's got his mitts on Bioshock).

i'm not too sure about Larry's claims of Bioshock selling poorly, but it *IS just first day.

i'm *PRAYING the game sells stellar, as a masterpiece like that is so *RARE, and deserves as much success as possible.

Irrational (2K Boston/2K Austraila can lick my balls with their corporate branding titles) did an *EXCELLENT job with this game. it better be winning some awards this year. the contenders for Game of the Year are finally starting to show up. nice.

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BenzMoney4166d ago

...but I won't repeat it AGAIN.

ShiftyLookingCow4166d ago

how can this not encourage pirates? Even legitimate buyers have to use a crack after a few times, that royally sucks

Phlapp4166d ago

For a game that isn't even multiplayer and therefore doesn't need to log into legitimate servers to play why wouldn't anyone NOT use a crack?

This really is laughable and I feel for my PC gaming cousins.

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