Want to experience Microsoft’s Kinect? Have it come to you…

The Independent: With the launch of Sony’s Move motion control peripheral over, it falls to Microsoft to hit the hype trail ahead of the launch of their motion control accessory, Kinect, on 10 November.

Famous (or should that be infamous?) for its ‘You are the controller’ mantra, Kinect differs from the experience offered by both Wii and PS3 Move by taking the control pad out of your hands altogether – your hand, head and body movement governing the movement of your onscreen avatar.

Until we receive Kinect test kits, the jury is still out on exactly how responsive the device is so, for now, the same old unanswered questions still loom over the peripheral: Will there be noticeable lag between your movement and movement in-game? Just how big a room do you need for it to work? How far away are the killer games, titles such as Sega’s Rise of Nightmares and Capcom’s Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour?

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