New PS3 Greatest Hits Titles Available Now

PSB: Hi everyone! We have some exciting news for those of you looking to expand your PS3 game library. Back in April we announced new PS3 Greatest Hits titles, and today we are adding seven more PS3 titles to the ever-growing “Greatest Hits” library. These latest titles will be available at retailers in U.S. and Canada for only $29.99 (MSRP). With our ongoing expansion of the “Greatest Hits” library, now including more than 40 titles, we’re continuing to give PS3 owners more to enjoy while spending less.

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doctorstrange2968d ago

I know what to get everyone for Christmas now (assuming they become platinum here)

SoSLy2968d ago

where could I get one my good lad?.. I thought so....

dragon822968d ago

Come talk to us when they are actually available for purchase.


It will also depends on price and games. I'm sure 3DS will become cheap and have a good support down the road, but I have no intent on getting it on release date to play Professor Layton and Nintendogs + cats, specially if it's high priced (the only console I ever bought early on was PS3 and I kind of regret it, it was a good experience, no doubt about it, but I could had waited for at least the first pricedrop and still catch up with games I missed).

I'm more of a PSP guy, mostly because I like some eye candy on my portable, but from what we had seen on 3DS, I'll probably get one down the road (as RE or MG hits).

pangitkqb2968d ago

I LOVED the first Motorstorm and have been waiting for the right time to jump into the sequel. Gonna be a blast :)

Also, May just have to check out Ratchet & Clank. I loved the first PS3 installment.

I love the Greatest Hits lineup.

remanutd552966d ago

you need to play Pacific Rift ASAP in order to get ready for Motorstorm Apocalypse !!!!
LUNATICS UNITE!!!!! ohh Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time is AWESOME!!!!!

Scotland-The-Brave2968d ago

Nah, ive still got a gameboy colour at home, all i need to do is put a layer of holographic plastic on the screen and BOOM its the same, the games are basically still the same lol.

Scotland-The-Brave2968d ago

come on peeps, i was only jkn

GodsHand2968d ago

Yeah, I thought you were. There is no way you have a Gameboy Color.

athlon7702968d ago

Ice Blue case and even have the "Afterburner" backlight installed. Of course I havn't touched it in like 8yrs.

I can see 3 games finding a way into my collection as greatest hits.

1: MAG
2: R&C - ACIT
3: Motor Storm - Pacific Rift

gamerben2967d ago

Your surprised that he still has a portable that was being still being sold in like 2002 or even 2003?

GodsHand2967d ago

You read into too much, lighten up, laugh a little enjoy life.

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BigPete79782968d ago

Definitely some good titles there for gamers to pick up if they missed it the first time around. I never got a chance to get Motorstorm Pacific Rift, definitely might give it a look now. How does it compare to the first?

Sev2968d ago

It's an excellent game. Big fan of the Motorstorm franchise here. Though after playing it in 3D, the retail games are no good to me until Apocalypse comes out. :)

remanutd552966d ago

BigPete do yourself a favor and go get Pacific Rift , you'll love it !!!
cant freaking wait to play Motorstorm Apocalypse !!!!!!

raztad2968d ago

I bought MS:3D rift and now I'm in love with MS franchise. Time for buying the full game.

garos822968d ago

but no 3d tv :(

id love to give them a spin in 3d and see how they fare

Newtype2968d ago

I don't like the 'GREATEST HITS' tag on the case now. The color is uncool.

Red_Orange_Juice2968d ago

how about European Platinum cover, huh?

Scotland-The-Brave2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

yup the platinum covers are disgusting, what were sony thinking. It almost makes me feel poor that i have platinums in my collection.

jack_burt0n2967d ago

lol thats exactly what sony were thinking,

"we need to make sure the cheapskate guys in scotland have disgusting coloured boxes so next time they might buy em sooner!" :P

the boxes are supposed to be off putting.

Red_Orange_Juice2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

exactly, but on in the other hand, they are so easy to spot and parents, aunts buy those. they sell well

Blaine2968d ago

is very cool. So I'm willing to overlook the color!

TheLastGuardian2967d ago

I'm glad the prices dropped but since they have red greatest hits labels on them now I think I'll buy them used instead. I hate that none of the money will go to devs but black labels are more important to me. Yea I'm picky, big whoop wanna fight about it?

bustamove2968d ago

...I really should get both Motorstorm games but I have so many games to finish! x___x

Dammit BB: CS, stopping draining my time!