Tales of Graces F Boxart Revealed

Namco Bandai's been releasing bits of information regarding Tales of Graces f lately, but until now we haven't heard much about the game's official boxart. That ends today, as an online retailer has leaked what appears to be the finalized boxart for the game, complete with the game's official CERO rating.

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Eskimo Keith2944d ago

I really like the art style, i hope this boxart stays the same in all regions.

ShawnCollier2944d ago

Knowing the "angry American Kirby" syndrome, chances are Namco would take the male leads and make them super-serious. *laughs*

Neckbear2944d ago

...It won't even get localized, bro.

Sanrin2944d ago

But it will get a fan-fueled FAQ that explains what everything is! Maybe Namco calls that even?

bustamove2944d ago

Looks like an interesting rpg.