Somewhere, Beyond the Sea…(Bioshock Review)

Bioshock doesn't feel like a game, which is perhaps the finest praise a video game can receive. An "experience" is a more fitting description, for it succeeds at fully immersing you within the world it creates. This is an adventure that deserves to be taken, and one you won't soon forget.

A plane crashes into the middle of the ocean, and one lone survivor discovers a mysterious lighthouse - a structure which serves as entrance to the underwater city of Rapture. Intended as an underwater utopia, where citizens could live without the oppressiveness of government, religion, and politics (the cause of all unrest), Rapture was a city of hope, where merit was earned and unjustly taken from no one, a haven for science, with the desire to improve the human species. This ideology, flawless though it may seem, failed to take into account humanities many faults, and Rapture crumbled into a city of violence, carnage, and desperation.

This is where Bioshock begins.

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thereapersson4166d ago

But i'll approve this because it's Bioshock!

Schmitty074166d ago

For big releases, N4G should make one news article with all the links instead of posting one after another.

pp4166d ago

look at ign halo 3 new single player video

Eclipticus4166d ago

this review is pretty spot on I would say. I reminds me more of a fully immersive interactive story, than a videogame. the story doesnt take a back seat to the game, like in most. while the game, controls and weapons you to finish the story.